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Laptops in the Information Commons Area
  • Policy Statement: The Information Commons Area of the library maintains laptops for student use within the library. Faculty who need laptops must borrow them through the Audiovisual Center.
  • Rationale: Students need to have internet access throughout the library. Laptops are used to augment the supply of desktop computers already installed. In addition, laptops afford students the flexibility of being able to use a computer anywhere in the building.
  • Background:
    • The laptops are purchased with library funds and with money from the student technology fee. Laptops are not part of the program that replaces university computers every three years.
    • The standard KU computer lab image is installed on all laptops.
    • All laptops also include the program Deep Freeze which returns the computer to the original image every time the computer is booted. Any files stored by students on the hard drive are erased each time the computer boots up.

  • Procedures:
    • Laptops borrowed from the Information Commons Area cannot leave the building.
    • Students must present a KU ID or KU Library card to borrow a laptop
    • Laptops are for student use only unless a non-student user has special permission from the Dean.
    • KU Faculty, Staff, and Administration seeking to borrow a computer can place requests at the Information Commons desk (610-683-4800) during the Fall 2011 transition phase.
    • Students borrowing laptops receive three items, a laptop, a power cord, and an internet cable.
    • Students are responsible for any damage incurred to the laptop while it is charged to them.


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Page updated 28 August 2011