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Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, in Kempton, Pennsylvania, is one of the premier facilities in the world for the study of migratory birds of prey. The Sanctuary has a small but specialized library with information primarily relating to birds of prey, birds in general, and environmental and ecological issues. The materials in this library are now listed in the Rohrbach Library Catalog. Faculty and students of Kutztown University have access to the titles in Hawk Mountain’s collection on a limited basis. The Sanctuary does not lend materials to non-staff but visitors are welcome to use materials on the premises. To gain access to the library at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, students and faculty should call Keith l. Bildstein, Director of Research and Education, at 610 756 6000 ext 235 to make an appointment.

Information about Hawk Mountain Sanctuary has been provided by Stephanie Steely.

Page updated 26 July 2011