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More services, more success

I have always believed the Library is the heart of the university. As President of this University, I am sure of it.

—Dr. F. Javier Cevallos, August 2007

Rohrbach Library, for all its silent reading zones and private study rooms, is not a quiet place, not a static environment—get that stereotype out of your head immediately. This library hums with the noises of collaboration, of friendship, of discovery. Its spaces breathe the scent of coffee and, sometimes, that of freshly delivered pizza. Hang out here and you might be surprised what you can learn. The services available in this building are growing all the time. Here are some you might not know about:

Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA)

      Ground Floor (level below entrance)
Already open on our lower-level Ground Floor, the Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) helps students succeed at KU and in their lives and workplaces. The CASA offers peer tutoring through the Department of Academic Enrichment, academic advisement, and much more. Stop in and say hello—along the way you can enjoy some of your favorite kids' books in our first-class Curriculum Materials Center!

Media Collection

      Second Floor, beside Room 207
Thousands of DVDs, from Hollywood blockbusters to straight-up educational videos of all varieties, are out on open shelves for you to check out. Cabinets hold CDs spanning an enormous spectrum of musical styles, along with spoken-word recordings and a number of surprises. Everything in the Media Collection is available to borrow.

Book & Brew Café

      Main Floor (entrance level)
Our coffee shop is a friendly place serving a delicious variety of drinks and snacks. It's beside our Leisure Reading area in a gorgeous setting that gets lots of light. Its hours and other details are here.

Assistive Technology Center

      Second Floor, Room 207
This mini-lab for library users with disabilities has ZoomText, Jaws, Wynn Wizard and other accessibility programs installed. There are also two closed circuit TVs to enlarge images.
Page updated 20 January 2014