Goal 3 - Caring Campus Community

Kutztown University will value and respect all campus constituents, celebrate diversity, and embrace shared governance.

Objective 1: Mirror the diversity of the region within the campus community

Action 1: Increase the diversity of the faculty through establishing fellowships and programs that bring faculty from diverse backgrounds to campus for extended periods

Action 2: Increase the diversity of the student body, faculty, and staff by strengthening multi-cultural programming

Action 3: Increase the diversity of the student body by developing enhanced programs to recruit veterans and military personnel and serve their unique needs

Action 4: Increase the diversity of the student body by developing special programs to support female students in STEM areas

Action 5: Increase the internationalization of the campus community

  • Benchmark: Increased diversity of student body, faculty, and staff
  • Benchmark: Increased number of veterans in the student body
  • Benchmark: Increased number of female students in STEM disciplines
  • Benchmark: Increased number of international students
  • Benchmark: Increased number of students participating in study abroad opportunities

Objective 2:  Encourage high levels of participation in University governance

Action 1: Foster an environment in which all constituents have an equal opportunity to participate in the process of shared governance

Action 2:  Work with student leaders on establishing a "student bill of rights"

  • Benchmark: Completion of a "student bill of rights"
  • Benchmark: Increased campus participation in University governance

Objective 3: Ensure a campus culture that respects all campus constituents

Action 1: Develop a welcoming and service-oriented culture for students' families and support networks, as well as members of the community, who visit our campus

Action 2: Develop a service-oriented culture for students

  • Benchmark: The Quality of Interactions and Supportive Environment items on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) will exceed our State System peers by Fall 2017
  • Benchmark: Achieve level 4 on customer satisfaction of "Secret Shopper" evaluations