Goal 4 - Stewardship of the University's Infrastructure

Kutztown University will maintain and enhance physical, financial, and human resources necessary to fulfill its mission.

Objective 1: Enhance the University's human resources to better support the academic mission

Action 1: Enhance the quality of the university's workplace experience by providing improved communication and employee engagement

Action 2: Conduct 360-degree administrator evaluations

Action 3: Conduct regular Presidential visits to all units and constituencies on campus by May 2016

Action 4: Establish roundtable/advisory groups

Action 5: Conduct regular Presidential meetings with faculty and employee governance leaders and groups as well as student leaders and groups

  • Benchmark:  Achieve results equal to or exceed Carnegie Classification for peers by 2019 on the "Overall Great Colleges to Work" survey
  • Benchmark: 75% of employees will be "highly satisfied" or "satisfied" with their jobs at the University, based on a campus climate survey conducted in 2018

Objective 2: Enhance the financial resources of the university to better support the academic mission

Action 1: Ensure all spending is essential and based on the university's planning and budgeting process

Action 2: Reprioritize the budget to fund new initiatives resulting from the university's planning process

Action 3: Initiate major capital campaign

Action 4: Increase private giving through established and new fundraising sources and improved alumni support

Action 5: Increase corporate giving

Action 6: Ensure that colleges and divisions develop fundraising plans and initiatives

Action 7: Achieve a balanced university budget without the use of non-recurring funds

Action 8: Identify new sources of financial aid for students enrolled at the university

Action 9: Engage in a fundraising initiative to raise funds to support student scholarships

Action 10: Identify new sources of financial aid to be used to recruit freshman and transfer students

Action 11: Increase work opportunities for students on campus

Action 12: Identify strategies to reduce student indebtedness

  • Benchmark: The University's Return on Physical Assets key performance indicator results will be maintained in the top 20% among all State System peers throughout the period of the Strategic Plan
  • Benchmark: The University will reverse the decline in its composite financial index results and will achieve results comparable to the top one-third of State System institutions by 2018
  • Benchmark: Private giving will increase an average of 5% annually over the period of the Strategic Plan
  • Benchmark: New, permanently restricted gifts will be added to the KU Foundation endowment each year and the investment performance of the endowment fund will meet or exceed benchmarks appropriate to the fund's asset allocation   

Objective 3: Enhance the physical facilities to better support the university's academic mission

Action 1:  Renovate classrooms and faculty offices in Lytle Hall and DeFrancesco Building

Action 2:  Replenish campus computers

Action 3:  Initiate the library master plan

  • Benchmark: Improved classrooms and faculty offices in Lytle Hall and DeFrancesco Building
  • Benchmark: Complete computer replenishment