Reservation Requests for Spring Semester

A Summary of Fall 2020

Office of Conference and Event Services canceled all scheduled fall events due to the global pandemic and restrictions placed on gatherings. Faculty and staff resubmitted fall meetings/events based on new restrictions, capacity numbers and repurposed rooms. We also tracked virtual events through EMS in order to continue promoting events through the central calendar. We understand this was inconvenient, but together we persevered and were able to advertise many virtual events.

Spring 2021 Reservations and Requests

As we prepare for spring 2021, we assure you the process of confirming spring events and requests will be easier.

As part of KU’s Spring Semester COVID-19 Response, all university venues that were repurposed for fall (i.e., Schaeffer Auditorium, MSU Multi-Purpose Room, Old Main Georgian Room, MSU Alumni Auditorium, South Dining Hall Dining Rooms 1 and 2) will continue to be used in the same manner in the spring. All campus venues will continue to follow the university’s social-distancing guidelines.

As a result of this continuation, our office will transition all spring reservations requested and/or confirmed to the “Virtual” location. If the event will not be a virtual event, users will need to add, modify or cancel the reservation in the Room Reservation System (EMS). Should the reservation need a physical space, please select the location according to how many will occupy the space based on the university’s social-distancing guidelines.

A request does not guarantee confirmation. Please do not advertise events until you receive an official confirmation notice from our office. All programs and events are subject to restrictions placed on the university, Berks County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If you need help modifying your request, please watch the video tutorial by clicking the following link:  How to modify an existing reservation request.

Student Organization Meetings/Events

Student organization advisers will notice that the organization president has been added as a secondary contact for existing spring reservations.  This is solely to keep the student informed on the status of the request.  Students are not allowed to make or modify a reservation request. Advisers will need to select their organization president as the secondary contact for all new requests. Once a request has been placed in the “Tentative-Pending Paperwork” status, the organization president, adviser or representative will need to go into ENGAGE and input the event.  Please make sure to include the reservation number which can be found on the EMS request confirmation email.  Only when this has been completed will the reservation be placed in the “Approved” status.

Protection of Minors

Whether in person, virtual or hybrid, all meetings/events must adhere to Kutztown University’s Protection of Minor’s Policy.  For more information, please visit the Protection of Minors at Kutztown University webpage.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we prioritize the health and wellness of our campus. For questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Conference and Event Services.