Getting Connected

Campus WiFi

A secure, high-speed, enterprise WiFi network (BearNet Secure) providing fully-encrypted internet access throughout the campus.  Log into regular BearNet then once connected follow the steps to set up the BearNet Secure. 

Our goal is to provide a reliable WiFi network connection at Kutztown University. There are many WiFi locations across campus as well as locations with available network ports for direct ethernet connection.  The Residence Halls are fully covered with WiFi.

WiFi Locations

  • Getting connected on Bearnet

    To use BearNet at one of the listed locations, use the following steps.

    1. Select the BearNet network in your device’s WiFi Settings.

    2. Open a web browser on your device and navigate to a non-secure website (http:// as opposed to https://)

    3. You will be presented with a KU login to login to BearNet.

    4. Enter your Username (you do not need to enter your full email address) and password. Click the Login button.

    When you have successfully logged in, you will have a network and internet access.

  • Getting connected on Bearnet Secure

    BearNet Secure is available on both north- and south-campus and offers a fully-encrypted WiFi connection.

    The only requirement of BearNet Secure is that your device contains a small, security certificate profile. It only takes a minute or two to install the profile — the steps are listed here:

    1. Connect to Bearnet and login.
    2. Go to

    3. Your device type should be detected.
      Detailed instructions for each device is below:
      Windows  macOS  iOS  Android

    4. A small SecureW2 installer is downloaded. Open, it if it doesn’t open automatically, and run the installer.

    5. You’ll be prompted for your KU username, password, and possibly device name.

    6. The profile is automatically configured. When complete, the device will connect to BearNet Secure (or you can manually switch to BearNet Secure).

    Once the security certificate profile is installed, your device should prefer BearNet Secure over any open network.