Standard Mail

How to Prepare Standard Mailing

Kutztown University maintains a non-profit standard mail permit with the Kutztown Post Office. The permit is for university business only. If used for other purposes, the permit can be revoked by the United Postal Services. A minimum of 200 pieces is required to qualify for the rate. All pieces must weigh less than 13 ounces. All standard mailings prepared on campus must be metered in the Mail Center. We do not recommend using a check to pay for the postage on the mailing.

#1: Preparing Standard Mailing in House

  • Request the mailing addresses in zip code order.
  • Request postal trays from Mail Services for large volumes of mail.
  • Place letters in letter trays in zip code order beginning with the lowest zip code and ending with the highest zip code.
  • Put a return address on your mailing.
  • If you are on the Mail Services delivery route, the mail person will pick up your mailing. Otherwise, mail must be delivered to the Mail Services Office.


#2: Presort House Standard Mailing

The Mail Services Dept. has contracted the services of a Presort House to sort your standard mail for you. You can also contact the Mail Center to print the addresses on the envelopes for you.


  • This service is only available for standard mail under 3 ounce weight.
  • The mailpiece must be in a #10 envelope.
  • Address is to be all capital letters with no punctuation.
  • Any of these fonts are acceptable:
    • Courier 10 or 12 pt
    • Courier New 10 or 12 pt
    • Prestige Plain 10 or 12 pt
    • Pica Plain 12 pt
    • Corporate Mono Plain 10 pt
  • All addresses must include a zipcode.
  • If using labels, apply them straight.