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International Studies


Students today are under increasing pressure to specialize, and many are likely to enter a global culture and to interact with citizens of many nations. Accordingly, it is to their advantage to learn as much as possible about the traditions, values, and problems of other peoples, and to be sensitive to environmental issues that affect us all.

This program broadens the curriculum base of students from almost any field, thereby facilitating their appreciation of their global community. The International Studies Minor has immediate relevance and application for students from a variety of majors (e.g., business, education, the arts, geography, history, public administration, and the social sciences). The program is designed to give maximum flexibility to students so that they can easily integrate it into their current programs.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • Introduction to International Studies
  • Seminar in International Studies


  • Internship in International Studies

Elective Opportunities (12 credits)

You may select electives from a wide array of disciplines - such as anthropology, business, languages, history, philosophy and psychology. There are also International Studies electives from which to choose:

  • Intercultural Communications
  • International Environmental Issues
  • Selected Topics in International Studies
  • European Union Simulation
  • International Studies Internship
  • Independent Study in International Studies

If you wish to take courses that are not on the approved list, you can seek the permission of your advisor and the IAC.

Career Opportunities
The international studies minor can assist students to prepare for careers in journalism, non-profit and government work, and international business.

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