Spring 2023 First Year Seminar Topics

Below is the list of First Year Seminar topics that will be offered in Spring 2023. Students can still search for the times for the topics on the MyKU course search system.  

Course Instructor Topic Title Description
FYS 100-3410, FYS 100-3411 Anthony Bleach Horror in Contemporary American Culture Horror, full of blood and fright, has long been a popular genre in visual arts, fiction, and other media. Over the last 30 years, horror's popularity has intensified, especially in film, comics, and shows produced for TV and the internet. The course examines the tropes and techniques of contemporary horror, in American films, comics and novels. The course asks why we are compelled by and attracted to images and texts designed to scare and repel us.
FYS 100-1011 Dina Hayduk Personal Health Journey The course will present manageable first steps for the student who is commencing their own personal health journey. This journey encompasses the holistic dimensions of health including the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. Students will be provided with the skills to weigh health information, evaluate claims, and make solid health related choices in a world full of misinformation and gimmicks. This will include guidelines and skills for making a healthy behavior change. Experiential stress management coping techniques will be embedded into the weekly curriculum.
FYS 100-1010 Liaoliao Li Career Habits of Highly Effective Managers  Career Habits of Highly Effective Managers is a student success course designed with the end in mind: success in college, career, and life.  Themes include securing, maintaining, and enjoying your future careers and becoming your best self.  Students will participate in career assessment, practice networking, and ultimately develop a personal brand.  After successfully completing this course, students will be awarded a Career Success certificate from the Career Development Center. By the end of this course, you will obtain tools, skills and mindset to be a more effective college student and leader.  Students will learn and practice self-management, the interpersonal skills and teamwork needed to be a successful leader will be covered.  And, students will be able to integrate the skills into their life using an integrated wellness approach.                                      
FYS 100-3430 Janice Chernekoff Tell Me A Story What did you imagine your first day and first year in college would be like? What dreams, goals, issues do you bring with you to college? The answers to these questions have no doubt been influenced by the stories you tell about yourself and those that your family and friends tell about you and you all. Stories empower us and define us... sometimes a bit narrowly. Understanding how personal, cultural and academic stories operate is useful for school, work and life.
FYS 100-1012, FYS 100-1013 Duane Crider TBD TBD