Paying the Advanced Registration Deposit (ARD)

We’re so glad that you’re ready to join the Golden Bear family!  The Advanced Registration Deposit (ARD) payment secures your spot in the class, and officially confirms that you will attend KU.  After paying it, you can begin essential processes like registration for housing and New Student Orientation. It’s now easier than ever to make it official.  Follow the steps below to learn how to pay the ARD!

Step 1: Log in to MyKU.

Visit and log in using your MyKU username and password.  

You received your KU credentials on a letter sent to your home address. If you have forgotten them, select “Forgot / Change Password”.

Step 2: Select the “KU Financial Account” tile.

Your MyKU account is a key resource that shows your current application status, your financial aid, key links, and important reminders. You can pay your Advanced Registration Deposit by selecting the “KU Financial Account” tile.

Step 3: Select “Make a Payment” on the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to submit your payment.

Step 5: Celebrate!

Once you finalize and successfully submit your payment for the non-refundable Advanced Registration Deposit (ARD), you are officially a Golden Bear! That means you’ve taken the next step towards becoming your best self. Be on the lookout in the coming days for your official university email account and instructions on next steps like Housing, Financial Aid, and New Student Orientation.