Laura Jones Named KU Employee of the Month for January 2020

Jones and President Hawkinson

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Congratulations to Laura Jones, work control specialist in Facilities, on being named KU Employee of the Month for January 2020.

Jones' nomination from Kim Rhode, senior director of Facilities Business Services, and Christina Ferris, department secretary for Biological Sciences, reads:


"Laura is one of the most dependable, trustworthy and capable employees I have ever had the pleasure of working with here at KU. She strives for, and delivers, excellent customer service and places high importance on integrity, clarity of purpose and proven results. During her career, the services Laura provides have literally touched each and every staff member, faculty member and student in some way. She plays a key role in Facilities and for the campus by serving as a dedicated point of contact for all facilities-related services.

Laura has performed with distinction throughout her entire career at KU. She is a strong advocate for both her department and her customers, striving to deliver the best possible service in every situation. Our customers recognize her contributions regularly with positive feedback and trust her suggestions and guidance.

Laura actively works to be a productive and positive influence for her team and is viewed positively by co-workers, managers and customers for her supportive approach. She is sensitive to the needs and concerns of others and strives to maintain balance in her work relationships by juggling multiple priorities, tasks and assignments, while making the needs of her customers paramount in her daily work.

It has been said that customer service is not a department, it is an attitude. She consistently displays a 'can do' attitude and strives to step in, step up and support those who need her help. For Laura, customer service isn't a program and it's not something she has to do. It's who she is. She listens to her customers and provides excellent service with grace and tact, even in sensitive situations.

The most important part of any department, division or institution is the positive influence of outstanding employees. Laura is that employee. Laura's position exists to serve customers who have a problem that needs to be resolved. She takes that role very seriously by connecting our campus customers with services to fix the problems that are distracting them from their primary purpose. She listens with intention and responds with purpose. Behind the scenes, she is humble, kind and has a sense of humor that keeps those around her grounded.

For countless years of loyalty and ever-present excellent customer service and commitment, it is my pleasure to recommend Laura Jones for recognition through the Employee of the Month program here at Kutztown University."


"Laura is very deserving of this award because every time you call Facilities with a problem or concern, Laura gets the job done effectively and promptly. It seems the only time we call Laura is when there is a problem or situation going on. Laura is always calm, cool and collected. She never takes it personally and Laura will always know what you are trying to explain to her, even when you're not sure yourself, and is very resourceful.

We can use more people on campus that want to do a great job no matter what we task they are given. Laura always seems to have a smile on her voice that you can hear and appreciate. Laura has taken her job handling all of the problems with a grace that deserves to be recognized."

Nominations are collected from students, faculty and staff, and the Employee of the Month is selected by the Human Resources Advisory Council. A winner will be selected each month, and out of the 12 monthly winners one will be selected as Employee of the Year. The Employee of the Month will receive a plaque, reserved parking and a $100 monetary gift sponsored by President Hawkinson.

For more information on the award or to nominate someone, please visit the KU human resources website.