KU Council of Trustees Issue Resolution Honoring the Pandemic Crisis Management of Kutztown University President Kenneth Hawkinson, Cabinet, Administration, Faculty and Staff

KUTZTOWN, Pa. – The Kutztown University council of trustees issued a resolution of unanimous support this week for Kutztown University president Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson and the KU cabinet, administration, faculty and staff for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This is quite an honor coming from chairman Ludlow and our council of trustees, who have been so supportive of Kutztown University through the years," Hawkinson said. "We thank them for this honor, and I thank the many members of the KU community who have worked so hard to contribute to the success of the university during these trying times."

The KU council of trustees resolution follows:

WHEREAS, the 2020 global Coronavirus pandemic has been, is, and is expected to continue to be a significant threat to the mission, operations, safety, and financial stability of Kutztown University; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson has led and continues to lead a tireless and highly effective effort based on excellent teamwork, decisive action, and creative thinking to enable Kutztown University to faithfully, earnestly, and with distinction maintain its mission, key responsibilities and objectives,

WHEREAS, the Cabinet, Administration, Faculty, and Staff have worked closely together, with agility and fortitude to permit Kutztown University to continue serving without fail its many thousands of enrolled students.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the unanimous vote of the Council of Trustees of Kutztown University that although it is well known the pandemic is not over and there is still much work to be done, it is highly appropriate and well deserved that Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson, the Cabinet, Administration, Faculty, and Staff be formally recognized by the Council of Trustees, through this Resolution, for their individual and collective exemplary services to Kutztown University during these historically trying times.

RESOLVED, this 6th day of August in the year 2020.