Department of Secondary Education's Pabon Presents at 2018 WERA World Congress in Cape Town

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Dr. Amber Jean-Marie Pabon, assistant professor of secondary education in KU's Department of Secondary Education, presented her research on teacher education at The World Education Research Association (WERA) World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, which convened August 3-5. 

According to the WERA website, the meeting was organized around the theme "Reimagining Worldwide Education Research" and discussed several issues in education in a global context, including primary and secondary schooling, higher education, workforce and adult education, and learning around the globe, among others. Nearly 400 researchers from 52 countries were in attendance over the weekend, which reflects WERA's commitment to fostering inclusivity, building capacity for education research globally, and serving as a catalyst for research and scholarly engagement that transcends the boundaries of nation, continent and hemisphere.

Coauthored by Dr. David Green of Howard University and titled "Teacher Education across the Globe: Centering Cultural Pluralism and Critical Literacy," the purpose of Pabon's presentation was to rethink the role of critical literacy approaches to teacher education.

"We explored this question by reflecting on our collaborative research on what reading and thinking critically means for pre-service English teachers and the responsibilities of teacher educations in training teachers to listen, read, and address lived experiences critically," Pabon said. "Specifically, this presentation identified key concepts central to framework such as critical listening, equity-based reading strategies, and consciousness-raising exchanges. These concepts contribute to ongoing research into educational justice and critical qualitative inquiry by aiding in description and analysis of the ways teachers can deepen the content of andragogy designed for pre-service teachers."