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Autism Spectrum Disorders


This program provides specialized training at the undergraduate level for pre-service teachers who aspire to support students with autism spectrum disorders. Candidates successfully completing this program are also eligible to receive the Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement Certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education after receiving a Level I instructional certificate.

The Minor in Autism Spectrum Disorders is available for any undergraduate non-special education major.  In addition to these four courses (SPU 433, 434, 435, and 436), candidates must complete two additional courses in special education, selected from the following:

SPU 101 Early Intervention and Transition for Students with Disabilities 
The course is designed for perspective teachers of students with disabilities. This course will cover early intervention programming. Knowledge of preventing the full impact of a disability on a child, providing general curricula and instruction, universal design of instruction, disability specific instruction that meets the needs of the child's addressing disability, cultural, and language diversity from birth to age 8, and the transition to preschool or school age programming will be addressed.

SPU 201 Cognitive Development of Diverse Learners in a Standards Aligned System
This course surveys the development and provision of special education services to student with disabilities. It is a blend of psychology and education, addressing both the theoretical and practical issues related to special education. The course provides students with the science of human development (typical and atypical), especially behaviors connected to learning, and shows the relationship to the experiences of students with disabilities. Students will explore how this knowledge of human development is applied to the provision of special education services for students with disabilities. Students will understand the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse learners in the special education process.

SPU 328 Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports
This course provides students with the knowledge of alternative management techniques appropriate for facilitating learning in classrooms, within families, and in other environments. Included will be a study of characteristics, assessment procedures, and multidisciplinary services designed to support the K-12 learner with special needs.

SPU 330 Teaching Students with Low Incidence Disabilities
This course addresses medical, physical, psychological and educational aspects of students with low incidence disabilities. The major focus of this course will be teaching students with moderate or severe retardation, severe behavior disorders, including any of the Autistic spectrum disorders. Included will be an examination of evidence-based strategies relevant to the education, training, and habilitation of students with low incidence disabilities. Low incidence disabilities will be viewed across the life span, requiring persistent support

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