Graduate Admissions

No matter your passion, Kutztown has the master's degrees to help you get where you want to go.

Kutztown University offers rigorous graduate programs that prepare individuals for career advancement and lifelong learning. At Kutztown, you can earn a graduate certificate, master’s degree or doctoral degree.

Each program offers challenging courses taught by faculty well-versed in their industry. You will learn from a blended classroom consisting of traditional graduate students enrolled full-time, career changers who are balancing work, family, and education, and life-long learners who hunger for more.

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Graduate Program Application Requirements

Before you begin the graduate application process, please review your program requirements. Overall materials, such as official transcripts from each institution you’ve attended, are required.


  • Where do I send the transcripts?

    Request all official post-secondary transcripts to:

    Office of Graduate Admissions
    Kutztown University
    P.O. Box 730
    Kutztown, PA 19530

    Or electronically to

  • Video: How do I order official college transcripts?

    This video will answer questions you may have about transcripts such as: How do I get transcripts from college? How do I order transcripts? How do I order official transcripts? What makes a transcript official? Are college transcripts needed for graduate/grad school? Will I need transcripts for a master’s degree?

Letters of Recommendation

  • What is a letter of recommendation for graduate school?

    Does your program require letters of recommendation? If so, please have your recommenders’ names and contact information ready. You will enter this on the application. To set them up properly, notify your recommenders ahead of time and build in a deadline for them that falls well before the application deadline.

  • Video: How do I request and submit letters of recommendation?

    This video will answer the following questions you may have about letters of recommendation: What is a letter of recommendation? How do I ask for a letter of recommendation? Why are letters of recommendation needed for graduate/grad school?

Writing Essays

  • What is a letter of recommendation for graduate school?

    Some programs require additional supporting documents such as certifications, essays, and resumes, which can be uploaded by the applicant after the application is submitted. This is done through the applicant portal (or dashboard).

    Please check your program page for additional, specific information.

  • Video: How do I write an essay, or statement of purpose, for graduate school?

    This video will answer questions you may have about essays/statements of purpose, such as: How do I write an essay for graduate/grad school? How do I write a personal statement for graduate/grad school? What is a statement of purpose? Are essays needed for graduate/grad school? What is a graduate entrance essay?

Will My Education Be Affordable?

We recognize that your graduate degree is an investment in your future and requires time, energy, and financial resources. At Kutztown, we’re committed to making your graduate degree affordable.

Tuition and fees are likely to change slightly throughout your program. You can refer to the most recent information here:

Tuition & Fees

Graduate students are eligible for federal aid up to $20,500/academic year (if in good standing). Private loans are also an option. For all funding information, please visit the following:

Financial Aid

The Graduate Assistants who serve throughout the Kutztown University campus enhance the experience of undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and their peers. Kutztown is proud to offer full-time and part-time positions throughout the academic year. For eligible positions, please visit:

Graduate Assistantships

When Should I Apply to Graduate School?

Our faculty are committed to accepting a student body that is academically prepared for graduate work. They also strive to ensure a robust course offering each semester to meet the needs of our students. Therefore, at Kutztown University, we have graduate application deadlines:

  • For fall enrollment: August 1*
  • For spring enrollment: December 1*
  • For summer enrollment: May 1

Most programs will evaluate completed applications ahead of those deadline dates to establish incoming classes or cohorts. Then, they return admissions decisions in about one business week. All admissions decisions are shared electronically.

You should start applying to graduate school about 2-3 months before the deadline. This timing will allow for transcripts to be processed, recommenders to be reminded, and files to be reviewed.

*International applicants seeking a student (F-1) visa should allow for additional processing time. Be prepared to have your application reviewed no later than May 1 for fall admission and October 1 for spring admission.

As An International Applicant, What Should I Do?

International applicants are welcome to apply to a limited list of master’s degree programs at Kutztown University. The list of available programs is determined by the amount of instructional time in the classroom allowed by SEVIS to qualify for full-time university study.

A requirement of all international applicants is to have their transcripts evaluated by one of our approved credential companies. Additional information is outlined on the International Admissions page as well as information regarding I-20 requirements.

Please follow these international graduate application deadlines:

  • June 1 for entrance in the fall semester
  • October 1 for entrance in the spring semester

Contact or Visit Us

For more information about the admissions process or assistance navigating your discovery of Kutztown University’s graduate programs, contact the office at 610-683-4200 or .

Are you interested in a campus visit? Let us know when you’d like to visit and if you wish to connect with program faculty while here.