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Romanski, Nicole M.

Romanski, Nicole M.

Assistant Professor
Art Education
Sharadin Art Studio 417
  • Biography
    I believe the arts awaken and raise our consciousness to the human experience.

    I am an assistant professor in the Department of Art Education at Kutztown University and the coordinator of our MA in Arts Administration Program. I enjoy teaching various courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I teach our required Methods of Research for MA in Art Education and MA in Arts Administration students. Also, I teach a graduate elective title Developing the Leader in You focused on leadership theory. In addition, I teach art education methods courses and the arts integration courses required of education majors. My current research and publications are focused on arts integration, narrative pedagogy, and outreach collaborations in methods courses.

    Like a hermeneutic circle, my philosophy of education is ever shifting and realigning with each new layer of understanding and reflection. My theoretical framework is grounded by many, such as Dewey, Greene, and Freire and has also been informed by my lived experience as a child, an educator, a woman, an artist, a dancer, a mother, an administration, and scholar. Together, these experiences have thrust forward three essential threads of my emergent ideology. First, art engagement is an awakening of inquiry, investigation and expression as response to and as part of our human condition. Secondly, organic construction of knowledge and learning unfolds through a dialogic process with shared voices in the classroom community. Finally, educational theory and practice are close partners that must continuously inform and influence each other in order to build sound understandings and approaches in the field of arts education and administration.

    I live with my husband and three children in Reading, Pennsylvania. I enjoy art, theater, dance, and traveling with my family.
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