Institutional Climate Committee


The purpose of the ICC is to heighten awareness of campus community members' perceptions and attitudes about KU; open up communication concerning perceptions and attitudes about KU; recommend university policies, procedures, and practices that promote more positive stakeholder perceptions and attitudes about KU; encourage teaching, research, and programs that enhance KU's climate of engagement, and transform KU into a more welcoming and inclusive place to live, work, and learn. The ICC shall serve as a consulting team for stakeholder concerns about climate that arise from the survey and from other sources, and they shall present the results of their inquiry in open forums and in campus community reports and updates. Meetings: third Tuesday of the month during the semester. Terms: three years. Appointees:  8 of the 17 members.

Campus Climate Survey

The Institutional Climate Committee (ICC) held three open forums to present a summary, analysis, and lead an open discussion of the data from the student, staff, and faculty Culturally Engaging Campus Climates (CECE) surveys. The campus community was invited to attend. 

Executive Summary

  • Membership



    Renee Hellert (At-Large Faculty)** 


    Mathias Le Bosse (At-Large Minority Faculty Member Representative)**


    Christine Price (At-Large Professional Staff Manager Representative)**


    TBD (At-Large Minority Professional Staff Manager Representative)**


    Ashwini Gangadharan, Co-Chair (Faculty Member from the College of Business Representative)**


    Christopher Weiler, Co-Chair (Faculty Member from the College of Education Representative)**


    Meghan Owenz (Faculty Member from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Representative)**


    Elizabeth Van Verth (Faculty Member from the College of Visual & Performing Arts Representative)**


    Martha Anderson (University Senate Representative)


    Jacqueline Fox (Management/Administration Representative)*


    TBD (Women's Center OR Commission on the Status of Women Representative)*


    Jerry Schearer (LGBTQ+ Resource Center OR Commission on Human Diversity Representative)*


    Tabetha Bernstein-Danis(APSCUF Representative)^


    Mary Bononno (AFSCME Representative)^


    TBD (SUA/SCUPA Representative)^

    Percy Werley (Undergraduate Student Representative) SGB Appointed


    TBD (Graduate Student Representative)Graduate Dean appointed

    * Ex Officio
    ** Appointed by Committee on Committees
    ^ Appointed by Union

    Union Committee Representative: To be considered for a committee union position please contact a union representative.

  • Mission & Bylaws
  • Meeting Times

    All ICC Meetings, unless otherwise stated will be held the third Tuesday of each month

    (according to ICC Bylaws). Meetings will be held from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. via Zoom.

    Fall 2023
    Spring 2024

    September 19, 2023

    February 20, 2024

    October 17, 2023

    March 19, 2024

    November 21, 2023

    April 16, 2024

    Please remember ICC's attendance requirements from our Bylaws:  Each member may miss up to one meeting per semester. Members shall find a substitute if unable to attend.  After the second unexcused missed meeting without substitute, the committee will contact the source of appointment to find a replacement.

  • Agenda & Minutes

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For more information regarding membership please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4856

To contact the Institutional Climate Committee directly, please email 

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