Center for the Enhancement of Teaching

The Kutztown University Center for the Enhancement of Teaching (CET) offers programs, activities, and resources to support excellent teaching throughout the university.

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching Mission

The Kutztown University CET exists primarily to facilitate the involvement of faculty in a dialogue regarding the art and science of university teaching. To this end, activities sponsored by the Center will be designed to:

  1. Encourage discussion and facilitate an exchange of accrued wisdom concerning issues of teaching and learning.
  2. Disseminate information, develop projects, and conduct inquiries that enhance the knowledge and practice of university instruction.
  3. Stimulate and enable the development of innovative teaching strategies and emerging technologies.
  4. Provide new faculty with information and support as part of their orientation to the university.
  5. Promote and facilitate awareness of and adaptation to differences in faculty and student teaching and learning styles.
  6. Solicit and respond to the needs, interests and concerns of the faculty on issues related to college-level teaching and learning.
  7. Affirm the institution's commitment to teaching excellence.

The Kutztown University CET has instructional support as its focus. For questions and additional information about CET activities, please contact the faculty director, Dr. Yun (Amy) Lu, at

Poster of CET events