Why Choose Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies?

Quotation Mark

Becoming a WGS minor at Kutztown was the perfect opportunity to not only earn credits towards graduation, but to earn them taking courses that apply to reality. It’s not just about getting a job, but becoming a respectful human being who is willing to be part of the solution instead of the problem. My time at Kutztown has gone by fast, but the impact made by the WGS minor is everlasting. There is so much happening both on and off campus that I would not be aware of without the minor, and I’m always grateful to become more knowledgeable. The minor has also given me a community to be a part of. I knew I was never alone, and there were resources to help me get through any situation with like-minded people to lean on. I feel more comfortable on a campus that is inclusive and supportive of all people, and I definitely found that within Kutztown and its WGS program. The WGS minor is the most impactful program I could’ve gotten involved in. Having this knowledge and experience allows me to be a more progressive and understanding person, and it taught me how to create an open dialogue. There’s so much to be discovered about the world and about people, so having the skills to go about these discussions and to take action are the biggest lessons I’ve learned in college. They will follow me everywhere, and I hope to spread this same awareness as I move on to the next phase of my life.

Jessica Garrison '21

The program encourages the development of an open mind, heart, and voice to all who are willing to listen.  In more practical terms, WGS students strive for equity and justice within the workplace, education, and society.

Yet there are still those individuals who ask the questions: "Why WGS?" and "What makes these courses so special, and how could taking them possibly impact my life?"  The answer is simple.  WGS does more than just explore issues concerning women.  It delves into the heart of the global expression and subordination of all marginalized populations and examines the concepts of established norms around gender and sexuality and investigates inequities.  WGS forces students to design their own solutions to these problems they see every day.

"All students need to realize that social, professional and educational equity is not a benefit, but  a necessity.  If a university's student community could learn to become free of sexism, racism and all other forms of discrimination, they could set an example for their own, as well as the next, generation to follow."...Dr. Angela Scanzello, Kutztown University Professor Emerita