New Regenerative Organic Agriculture Track!

In collaboration with The Rodale Institute, the Kutztown Environmental Science Program is pleased to announce a new B.S. degree focused on regenerative organic agriculture.

Regenerative organic agriculture focuses on the aggressive restoration of soil health and the rebuilding of soil carbon stocks.  Soil carbon is a significant carbon reservoir and biological sequestration of carbon in soils is currently one of the only, and largest, viable practices for reducing atmospheric levels of carbon-dioxide and mitigating anthropogenic climate change.  Restoring soil health is also critical to developing functional agro-ecosystems and ensuring sustainable access to abundant, healthy food for all.

The Environmental Science: Regenerative Organic Agriculture B.S. leverages Environmental Science Program strengths in Ecology, Environmental Science, and Earth Systems, agricultural lands at Kutztown University, The Rodale Institute’s expertise in Organic and Regenerative Agriculture, and the proximity of the two institutions to involve students in the creation and research of regenerative agricultural systems and principles. Those graduating students will be prepared to serve many roles in science, governance, community, and agriculture as national and global society grapples with the disruptive impacts of anthropogenic climate change and the need to feed the largest human population our planet has ever supported.