Geology Program

We pride ourselves on being a small program in which every faculty member knows every geology major personally.

Our students are our primary focus. We have seven geology faculty members, each specializing in one of the major branches of geology. All classes and labs are taught by faculty members.

Our geology program requirements were designed with students' futures in mind. We prepare our students with the fundamental understanding of geology to succeed in graduate school, as well as the practical field experience needed to succeed as career geologists. Our course requirements were chosen to parallel the criteria on the Professional Geologist Licensing Exam.

You can find some of our recent activities on the Kutztown Geology Facebook and Instagram accounts 

Small group of geology students sitting in a circle on the ground and smiling at the camera

KU Geology Students

KU Geology students enjoying a lively discussion about origins of the molten magma that formed the granite they're sitting on. Time shared with friends exploring geology in the field is one of life's sweetest gifts.