Community College Transfer Partnerships

KU offers multiple pathways for transfer students to complete an undergraduate degree.

It is important to work with your community college early to take full advantage of all partnership benefits!  Our current partnership opportunities include:

Dual Admissions Agreements (also known as "Letter of Intent" within some community colleges):  Students sign and submit a letter of intent to confirm their intention to attend KU after completing an Associate Degree.  This letter of intent must be signed prior to completing a specific number of credits at the community college.  

Program-to-Program Transfer Agreements: A program-to-program agreement facilitates the transfer of an Associate Degree that meets the pre-requisites of a Bachelor's degree program in a related field at Kutztown University.

Reading Area Community College Cohorts: Students complete a RACC Associate Degree and continue on to complete a Bachelor's Degree also on RACC's campus.  We currently offer a cohort in the area of Social Work.