Campus Beautification & Preservation Committee


Makes recommendations as to ways the campus can be beautified both internally and externally. It also solicits the cooperation of all members of the university community in keeping the campus beautiful. Meetings: monthly. Terms: 2 years. Appointees: 6 of the 10 members.

Reports to Administrative Council.

  • Statement of Sustainability
    A General Statement on Campus Beautification & Preservation

    Our Commitment:

    While honoring our mission to keep the Kutztown University campus beautiful, we hereby state that we are committed to both the protection of human health and the environment.
    In light of our commitment, we establish the following guidelines and principles:

    1. Care of KU grounds and buildings should always be conducted with widely accepted, acceptable, and standardized techniques that limit or decrease:

    a. any harm to the individual

    b. the need for major repairs, restoration, and/or replacement of campus environmental landscapes, all of which would upset the basic aesthetic of the campus and the community

    2. All environmental interventions should follow a continuum, starting from the gentlest and least invasive before proceeding to the next level.

    3. While economic factors sometimes necessitate certain courses of action, economics alone should not have primacy over social or environmental concerns


    The Campus B & P Committee seeks to empower our community by connecting us to our past heritage and by honoring our future with a sense of stewardship for the long-term health of our campus ecosystems, built environment, and human communities.


    The Campus Beautification and Preservation Committee reports to the President’s Administrative Council and is responsible for the following:

    1. Makes recommendations as to how the interior and exterior environments on campus can be improved, with respect for our past and a vision for the future health of our campus communities.

    2. Engages members of the university community in dialogue, research, and actions promoting awareness of place and a sense of stewardship.

    3. Advances sustainable and regenerative practices for changes in natural and undeveloped locations on campus.

    4. Provides timely historic preservation review of and comment on projects affecting buildings fifty years and older. 

    5. Contributes to the review of drafts of new building construction or campus renovations while those projects are in the design phase.

    6. Consults on the selection, placement, and care of fine art including sculpture and the installation of murals.

  • Membership

    Position and Term Length



    College of Visual & Performing Arts Representative** (2 years)

    Michael Covello


    Graduate Faculty Representative** (2 years)

    Gwendolyn Yoppolo, Chair


    College of Education Representative** (2 years)

    Meganlyn Norris


    College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Representative** (2 years)

    Robert Reynolds


    College of Business Representative** (2 years)

    Muratcan Erkul


    Professional Staff Representative** (2 years)

    Honey Svoboda


    Director, Facilities Management designee



    Director of University Galleries

    Karen Stanford


    AFSCME Representative (2 years)

    Claudia M Delong


    Student Representative elected by Student Government Board

    Elizabeth Kolb


    * Indefinite Term of Office
    ** Appointed by Committee on Committees

  • Mission & Bylaws
  • Meeting Times

    Fourth Thursday of the month at 11 a.m.

  • Agenda & Minutes

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For more information please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4856

Union Committee Representative: To be considered for a committee union position please contact a union representative

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