Scope of Care

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) provides initial consultation, community referrals, and crisis intervention to all students. If deemed clinically appropriate, students are offered short-term individual counseling (5-7 sessions) and/or group counseling. Counseling services are provided to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who have paid the health center fee.

Generally, students whose presenting issues cannot be adequately addressed by short-term counseling or whose presenting issues would require more intensive services will be referred to community agencies. In addition, given that CPS is only open during Fall and Spring semesters, students who require continuity of services throughout the year may also be referred for community services. When CPS is unable to provide counseling services, a list of community referrals will be provided to students. 

CPS has established criteria to assist them in determining when students will likely need a different type or level of care than what is within the role and scope of CPS. These criteria pertain to the determination of appropriateness for ongoing counseling services through CPS. All KU students, whether or not they meet criteria for ongoing services through CPS, are eligible for assessment/referral and crisis intervention services.  All decision made are in the best interest of the student, as they will best serve the student's mental health needs.

If you are a potential KU student or you are a parent, caregiver, mental health provider, or other individual involved with a potential KU student, we welcome you to consider helping the student plan for the transition to managing their mental well-being in the college setting. The Jed Foundation's Transitioning Health and Mental Health Care to College Resources are an excellent source of information that may help you with this process. Included in the resources is a Transition of Care guide that assists students in developing a plan for transitioning their mental health care to the college environment.