Tuition Waivers

Current international students may apply for certain tuition waivers during their time at KU. This page provides information and resources about those tuition waiver opportunities.

  • Summer Tuition Waivers

    A limited number of full-tuition and partial-tuition (50% discount) waivers are available for international students looking to take classes during the summer term. This waiver is limited to one, 3-credit course in either Summer 1 or Summer 2 per student. To be eligible the summer course must be in-person and may not be used for individual instruction or independent study. The waiver is for tuition only, the student will still be responsible for any fees. The waiver is open to both Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

    To apply:

    • Complete the Summer Tuition Waiver Application
    • Attach a letter explaining why the summer waiver is necessary towards your education

    Students must apply for the Summer 2023 by March 15. All completed applications can be emailed to

  • Economic Hardship Waiver

    Economic Hardship tuition waivers may be granted to full-time undergraduate international students who are currently enrolled students at KU and who can demonstrate that they have experienced changes in their financial conditions that produce unforeseen hardships. 

    It is the intent of this policy that such tuition waivers will be rare. These financial hardship tuition waivers will be limited to a one-time $2,000 increase per student for one academic year if funds are available. Tuition waivers are not granted without cause.

    To apply:

    Students must apply by the below deadlines. All decisions will be made after all applications have been received. 

    • Fall Semester: August 1
    • Spring Semester: December 1

    All completed applications can be emailed to

  • Waiver Appeals

    A student who has had their tuition waiver revoked may appeal the decision in writing to International Student Services. While International Student Services does not approve or deny appeal applications, they should be a student’s primary point of contact and will forward the completed application to the appeals committee.

    Appeal letters must be written by the student and it is recommended that a student also provide documentation (doctor’s note, copy of death certificate if dealing with a family loss, etc.) to support their case. The letter must also explain the steps the student will take or has taken to improve either their academic or disciplinary standing with the university, or why they need an extension to the nine-semester limitation.

    The deadline to file an appeal is the first day of the term for which an appeal is requested. Appeals will not be accepted for a semester that is in progress, or has ended. It is possible that all aid may not be reinstated. In most circumstances, only one appeal will be granted during the course of the student’s academic career at Kutztown University. The student will be notified in writing of the Committee’s decision.

    To apply:

    • Complete the Waiver Appeal Application
      • Attach a letter explaining your situation and give reasons for your request

    Students must apply for the Waiver Appeal before the start of the semester that are applying for. 

    All completed applications can be emailed to