Campus Resources


First and foremost, the best place to go for getting involved in our community is ENGAGE. This is a web program used by KU to organize our clubs and events. ENGAGE is a way for students to get involved, learn more about events and organizations on campus, and start building his or her resume.

International Student Organization

The International Student Organization is where you can go to connect with your fellow international students. Through the ISO we intend to bring together domestic and international students to promote the sharing of cultural understanding through social events and charity work. Some of our events included taking camping trips, running fundraisers, painting facemasks, running Zumba sessions, and participating in our annual International Festival every April.

KU Bear Essentials Food Bank

Statistically, 1 in 5 students are hungry and lack sufficient access to food. Food insecurity cuts across all demographic statuses, enrollment levels, and geographic locations. These stressors affect student success in the long-term by impacting learning, grades, graduation time, and more. We are proud to provide students with services like the Bear Essentials Pantry and the Student Food Pantry to address the issue of food insecurity on our campus. If you ever need these services, they are always available to all students. Furthermore, our food pantries are always accepting donations and looking for volunteers if you wish to show your support!

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services offers a comprehensive program to support students in their academic careers while assisting them in developing the skills to become successful lifelong learners. Tutoring is free to all enrolled students and is now administered online via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Types of tutoring include meeting with a tutor individually, attending online tutoring labs with your peers, or utilizing supplemental instructors present at especially difficult classes.

Prayer, Meditation & Reflection Space

Need a quiet place for your personal prayer, meditation or reflection? We have a place for that.

KU has designated a room on the third floor of Boxwood House for prayer, meditation and reflection. Boxwood House is across the street from Old Main. 

KU students, faculty and staff can use the space Monday through Friday from 8:15 am - 4:15 pm, except when the University is officially closed. Persons choosing to use the space will be required to sign in and show their KU ID.