Banking Services

KUSSI provides banking services to all “Registered,” “SGA Maroon Status,” and “SGA Gold Status” student organizations. All student organizations that collect or receive money are required to deposit and maintain these funds in the KUSSI Service Center. Student organizations are not permitted to open or maintain any off-campus bank accounts. For more information, please refer to University Policy STU-031 On-Campus Sales, Fund Raising and Solicitation and University Policy A & F-002 Collection of Funds.

Student Organizations can access their account balances, and submit requests through

Summary: Accessing your SGA Budget Funds

  • The annual budget is derived from the student activity fee that every full-time KU student is obligated to pay as part of tuition. Only Gold Status organizations are eligible to apply for a budget.
  • When your organization plans to utilize budget funds to pay for expenses related to an event, it is important to advertise the event, trip, dinner, etc. as far in advance as possible.
  • Advertisements must be resources that every KU student has access to. Examples: Bear Essentials, The Daily Brief, KUnited, flyers around campus. Facebook, Twitter, etc. cannot be considered a resource because not every KU student is obligated to have a profile.
  • When submitting a purchase or check request, the advertisement MUST be handed in as well to verify that the event was advertised, and open to all KU Students.
  • Pizza will ONLY be permitted to be given away:
    • As part of a recruitment event, once per semester
    • At events that have a guest speaker
    • If the event is restricted to members of your organization only, private account funds must be used.
  • Giveaway items, student organization promotion, as well as office supplies, must be intended to be used within the fiscal year in which they are purchased. Giveaway items can be defined as: pens, t-shirts, cups, etc. and are to be used for current year recruiting. Office
    supplies such as printer ink, binders, notebooks, etc. are to be used within the current year.
  • Student organizations are expected to plan accordingly, throughout the fiscal year, to replenish supplies used and needed. We ask that your organization NOT stock pile on supplies that will be used in the following academic year.
  • Student organizations are not permitted to use budget or private account funds to purchase gift cards from vendors that sell alcohol or tobacco products. Paw Passes can be purchased from the One Card Office and used as giveaways at advertised campus-wide events.
  • Approved gift card purchases must be used in the academic/fiscal year that they are purchased.