How To's & FAQ

Find answers to common questions Secondary Education students have.

  • To Add/Change a Major/Minor:

    If students want to make a change to their curriculum (i.e. their major or minor), they need to go to the office of the program to get the change made. 

    Students within the College of Education who want to change their major to a different education program can simply contact the program's office and ask to fill out a change of curriculum form.

    Students enrolled in a program outside the College of Education who want to change their major to an education program must meet the following requirements before the change can be made:

    • 3.0 minimum GPA
    • Background checks/clearances
  • To Enroll in Courses:

    Course enrollment is a basic, but sometimes tricky process that all students must do. Before you can enroll in courses, be sure that you have met with your advisors. Secondary Education majors must meet with both their Education advisor and their LAS advisor. Be sure to look out for emails from your advisors to sign up for advisement times.

    Students enroll in courses on MyKU. You can find a walkthrough for course enrollment here.

    Please note that courses added to your shopping cart will not be automatically added to your schedule. You must manually enroll in the courses for them to be added to your schedule.

    TIP: Sec Ed's checksheets include an 8-semester plan to give students an idea of the most efficient way to schedule classes for each program.

    If you need help, ask your advisor or the department office at

  • Advisement Meetings:

    Advisement meetings are required meetings with your program advisor. Most students have one advisor per major or minor, but Secondary Education majors have two. Students must meet with their major advisors before they can enroll in courses!

    To find out who your advisors are, log into MyKU and check the "Current Instructors & Advisors" tile.

    What to bring to an advisement meeting:

    • A copy of your major's checksheet. You can find Sec Ed's checksheets here
    • A list of classes you want to enroll in. (Be sure the class times don't overlap.)
    • Write down any questions you may have about the program, classes or requirements.

    After you meet with your major advisors, you can enroll in courses when the enrollment period opens. 

  • How to View Advising Notes in MyKU:

    When your advisor creates an advising note for you, you will receive an e-mail with the following instructions, alerting you to review your note:

    • Sign into MyKU and click on the "KU Academic Progress" tile.
    • Click on the "Advisors" option on the left.
    • Click on the note icon next to your advisor’s information.


    You can also view this walkthrough for further help.