Graduate Student Aid

Financial aid for graduate work is limited to student loans, work/study, and graduate assistantships. In order to be considered for these types of aid, a student must be fully accepted in a master's degree program. Students need to file the FAFSA.

Professional credits students, not yet fully accepted into a graduate degree program, are ineligible for all forms of federal aid. However, a variety of private alternative loan programs are available to help cover educational expenses.

All financial aid progress requirements apply to graduate students. Eligibility criteria for aid varies and is described below:

Federal Stafford Loan

To be considered for a loan, a student must be enrolled for at least six credits per semester. Graduate students may borrow up to $20,500 per year in Stafford Loans.

Federal Work/Study

Eligibility for federal work/study is based on need. On and off campus part-time job openings are listed on the Student Employment Website. Hourly rate is at least minimum wage. Work is part-time with varied hours. FAFSA must be on file.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available. To be eligible the student must:

  • be fully accepted into a master's degree program by Graduate Studies and the appropriate academic department (professional credits students are not eligible);
  • be enrolled as a full-time graduate student (at least nine, but not more than 12 credits) during fall and spring semesters;
  • be academically qualified for the proposed assistantship position.

The graduate assistantship entitles the student to a stipend (currently $7,500) and full tuition waiver for two semesters of service. (Fees are not waived and are the responsibility of the student). The graduate assistant works a minimum of 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters (usually excluding the summer). While subject to renewal, all graduate assistantships end with the close of university operations for the spring semester each year. Contact the Office of the Vice Provost & Dean, Graduate Studies for more information.