The Key Student Handbook

  • A Welcome from Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson, University President

    Welcome to Kutztown University. You have just begun an experience that will change your life and that of those around you. By choosing to pursue a college education you have joined a community of scholars that offers many opportunities and responsibilities.

    Kutztown University offers strong academic programs supported by an excellent faculty, staff and administration. In addition, there are numerous activities and services designed to support and guide you along the way and to help you make responsible and productive decisions. Between the covers of this handbook, you will find the rules and regulations that govern university life. These are established as a clear roadmap of policies and procedures, which serve to maintain the integrity and quality of a Kutztown University education and campus life.

    My best wishes to you as you embark on this important and exciting journey.

  • A Welcome from Dr. Warren Hilton, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

    Welcome to KU! I am confident that your experience at Kutztown University will be exhilarating and worthwhile. I encourage you to take advantage of all that KU has to offer including high-quality academic programs, student organizations, clubs, and the Rec Center. We know the programs and services at KU will assist you in reaching your academic, leadership, wellness, and career goals. The experiences you have at KU will be learning moments that you can draw on for the rest of life. I hope you will become and involved and civically engaged member both on-campus and off-campus. The Enrollment & Student Affairs Division is here to help you during your time at KU. Please feel free to talk with us about your successes, challenges, needs, and goals.

  • A Welcome from Mr. Agostino D'Ancona, Student Government Board President

    Congratulations on joining Kutztown University and welcome to the KU family. As an incoming freshman, you are about to embark on one of life's greatest and most fulfilling journeys, a college education. This is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming, as you will be presented with new people and new situations. Getting involved with the University is a great way to meet new people, adapt to your new surroundings, and acquire and expand skills. With more than 180 student organizations, KU serves a wide range of student interests and offers many opportunities for involvement. Students agree that getting involved has been the highlight of their KU experience and a great way to supplement their education, as you will learn skills and gain experience that cannot be taught in the classroom. As an actively engaged member of the campus community, you will affect change in the University, thus benefitting not only yourself but also a great institution.

    The Student Government Board welcomes inquiries and is always here to represent you.

Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson

University President

Dr. Warren Hilton

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Mr. Agostino D'Ancona

President, Student Government Board

Dr. Hawkinson
Dr. Warren Hilton
Agostino D'Ancona