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January 28, 2021

Student Spotlight

Laura Gale

Female anthropology student on location at a field study.

Laura is a senior, majoring in anthropology.

Why KU?

I chose KU because access to an archaeology field school as part of the anthropology degree was imperative for me, as it is required to get a job in the field. Also, Kutztown offers instruction in all four subfields of anthropology, something you do not find everywhere. The fact that KU has such a holistic and dynamic program was very important and provided me with a balanced education. I chose KU because of early conversations I had with Dr. Joleen Greenwood (department chair) at a time when going back to college seemed impossible. Dr. Greenwood was the catalyst that convinced me to apply to Kutztown and I will be forever grateful for her pep talks!

Why Anthropology?
I have had a love of archaeology from a very young age and have known for quite some time that this career path was a good fit for me. I am also a strong supporter of social justice and equality and, while anthropology is a discipline very much impacted by long standing societal forces, this field has the power to encourage inclusion and collaboration in addition to shedding light on social disparities.

What excites you about the program and graduating?

The classes offered is quite large, offering a wide range of topics across all the four subfields (archaeology as well as, biological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology). My professors are highly knowledgeable, are active within their fields and conduct important research. I was lucky enough to help with some of that work, having held two separate research assistantships and an internship with the Frederick Douglass Institute and National Parks Service. These are the opportunities that set KU apart for anthropology students and help to prepare us for our future careers. I am very thankful for these experiences and the time my professors invested in me.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am hopeful that within five years I will have a full-time position within the National Parks Service as an Archaeological Technician. I am interested in working with indigenous groups.

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