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June 01, 2021

Student Spotlight

Savina Divine

Female student on location looking at readings on a divice while standing in a river.

Savina is a senior, majoring in chemistry and environmental science.

Why did you choose KU?

I didn’t transfer to Kutztown until I was a junior, but it was on my original list of schools I was looking at before I graduated high school. During my senior year (of high school), I had already accepted an offer to a different university, and one of my high school friends, who had been accepted to KU, mentioned that there was a really good chemistry program. When I decided to leave my previous university, I gave KU a second glance and although I was a chemistry major when I initially transferred, both its Chemistry and Environmental Science programs piqued my interest.

What clubs and organizations are you involved with on campus?

Some of the clubs that I have been involved with since coming to KU are the Chemistry Club, the Alliance of Transfer Students, and the Outdoors Club.

What made you choose Environmental Science as your major?

Starting out as a Chemistry major, I eventually became interested in energy, pollution and waste management, which is why I decided double major in Environmental Science to gain a more well-rounded education.

How has Kutztown prepared you for this career track?

One thing that I really appreciate about KU’s science programs is that I’ve been able to gain hands-on experience with both instruments in the lab and studies in the field. If I decide to pursue a future career in the laboratory, I feel confident in my abilities to use lab instruments. With the field work, I have gained an introduction as to how samples, specifically in an environmental context, can be collected and analyzed. 

What is your favorite thing about attending Kutztown?

Definitely the campus. The “talking rocks” in the Alumni Fountain are always great at providing daily motivation. I haven’t been on campus that much recently due to the pandemic, but whenever the weather was nice, I enjoyed just walking around and exploring when I had downtime between classes. There are also plenty of PokéStops on campus for any Pokémon Go players who were wondering.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Get involved on campus. Joining clubs and attending events that are held on campus are great ways to meet and find peers who share similar interests. Finding friends and building a support system will be very helpful to have whenever you find that school becomes stressful. Also, get to know your advisors and professors. They can provide great resources for you throughout your academic career, especially if you would like to get involved in research or look for jobs and internships later on.

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