Graduate Exceptions Committee


Graduate Exceptions Committee: Reviews graduate student requests for exceptions to current Kutztown University procedures and policies, including time extensions.  With respect to these duties, the mission of the Graduate Exceptions Committee is to promote graduate student welfare and uphold Kutztown University academic policies. Meetings: as needed. Terms: 3 years. Appointees: 5 of the 7 members.

  • Membership



    Carl J. Sheperis, Chairperson (Dean of Graduate Studies)


    Jennifer Forsyth (Graduate Faculty Representative, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)**


    TBD (Graduate Faculty Representative, College of Visual & Performing Arts)**

    Qian Sun (Graduate Faculty Representative, College of Business)**


    Joanne Cohen (Graduate Faculty Representative, College of Education)**


    Ryan Rowers (Graduate Counselor Education Representative)**


    Kori Williams (Graduate Student Representative)


    * Indefinite Term of Office
    ** Appointed by Committee on Committees

  • Mission & Bylaws
  • Meeting Times

    Meetings are scheduled as needed.

  • Agenda & Minutes

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Submitting a Request for Graduate Exception

To submit a request for a Graduate Exception, please use the Graduate Exception Form available through the Registrar's office.

For more information regarding committee membership please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4856

Students are invited to participate in the Kutztown University Governance and Advisory Committees. This is a great way to get to know others at the university,  become a part of the decision-making process and have your voice heard.  No prior experience necessary, just a genuine interest in being an active part of the community!

Student Government Board will reviews online applications on a rolling basis and makes student placements in early September.  Questions?  Please contact Leah in Student Involvement at   

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