Research Committee

Kutztown University is committed to supporting faculty and administrators in their research. The Research Committee provides funding to faculty and administrators to aid in their research.

All Kutztown University faculty and administrative personnel are welcome and encouraged to submit proposals to the Research Committee. All disciplines are considered. The Committee has funded and will continue to fund research in the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, education, physical and biological sciences, as well as projects in other areas. Identical or similar research by the same individual will not be funded for more than two consecutive years.

There are two categories of funding for which Principal Investigators can apply. The Principal Investigator must indicate which category they are applying for on the Application Cover Sheet that is submitted with the proposal. The Principal Investigator can submit an application to only one category.

Category 1 has $45,000 allocated for awards. Tenured, tenure-track and temporary faculty are eligible to apply within Category 1. Category 2 has $25,000 allocated for awards. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply within Category 2. Both categories must follow the Research Committee guidelines. However, Category 2 has a specific requirement that must be followed. Within Category 2, the Principal Investigator is obligated to submit a grant proposal to an external funding agency, excluding PASSHE, within one year from the end date of the research project award period. If this obligation is not met, the Principal Investigator will not be eligible to apply for funding from the Research Committee for a specified time period. Please review the details of this obligation on page 3 of the guidelines within the "Stipulations of Grant" section.

NEW: A letter of intent must be submitted to Heather Arbuckle at by Monday, October 14, 2024 with the title of the proposal only. 

DEADLINE: Applications are due October 28, 2024 

Application Guidelines:

Complete Research Grant Guidelines [DOC format]