Drugs and Alcohol

Kutztown University Alcohol Policy

Purpose: To prohibit the use and/or sale of alcoholic beverages, except under listed circumstances, at Kutztown University

The sale and use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on University campus, at any University-sponsored event or in any University-owned, University-leased, Student Government Association SGA-owned or SGA-leased vehicle being used to transport students to officially approved activities or events, except as described in the special events identified in section D in Kutztown University Policy STU-001 updated August 2016.  

Good Samaritan Policy for Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Medical Emergencies

Kutztown University has established a policy to encourage students to come forward during times of an AOD medical emergency and someone is in need.  The policy is designed to encourage students during these times without fear of "getting in trouble" with the school. Moreover, Pennsylvania has also recently passed a Good Samaritan Law for underage drinking for similar circumstances.  Why all the fuss about "Good Samaritan" policies and laws? The bottom line, the health, and well-being of a person, is an overwhelming priority and nothing should deter a person from helping someone in need during a medical emergency. 

For more information on KU Good Samaritan Policy and Pennsylvania Underage Drinking Good Samaritan Law