Representation Matters

We are creating a public list of faculty and staff of color who wish to act as a resource for the community. The list is intended to increase awareness and fellowship among our communities of color at KU in an effort to increase advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion on campus. We hope this can serve as a valuable resource to highlight our vibrant KU communities of color and assist students, faculty and staff with a sense of belonging. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in having your information included here. We are hopeful that it will encourage great conversations and opportunities for networking.

While we recognize and celebrate the importance of allyship, we'd like to create the list for those who self-identify as faculty/staff/administrators/GAs of color to highlight the diverse representation of communities on campus.

man smiling wearing black suit
michael arias (he/his)

Assistant Director of Financial Aid Services

Race/Ethnicity: Latino/Puerto Rican and Colombian

Additional Campus Affiliations: Advisor of Lambda Theta Phi, Kutztown Associate Chapter

Message to students: "'Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.' The Road Not Taken--Robert Frost." 


woman smiling wearing orange shirt
Jennifer Castro (she/her)

Director of Undergraduate Admissions


woman smiling wearing leopard print shirt
maria N. de la cruz (she/her)

Assistant Director of Residence Life for Programming and Leadership Development

Additional Campus Affiliations: Student Alliance for Learning Success and Achievement (SALSA), Black Student Union (BSU), Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc.


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laura fahy-leo (she/her)

Associate Director of Admissions


woman smiling wearing maroon shirt
dr. marlene nanouh fares (she/her)

Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Academic Enrichment

Race/Ethnicity: Middle Eastern/Arab

Additional Campus Affiliations: Advisor of Women in Politics club; Faculty in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor; Chair of KU APSCUF Social Justice committee


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Albert Fu (he/him)

Professor of Anthropology and Sociology


man smiling wearing dark blue shirt
jason garcia (he/his)

Director of Campus Events and Programs in Conference and Event Services


man smiling wearing white shirt
malcolm huggins (he/his)

Director of Alumni Engagement at Kutztown University Foundation

Additional Campus Affiliations: supporting Achievement Initiative for Male Success (AIMS) program


woman smiling wearing yellow shirt and black jacket
ko-hsin hsu 

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Additional Campus Affiliations: Advisor to Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA) and advisor to Criminal Justice Association

Message to students: "I am from Taipei, Taiwan about 20 years ago. I've lived in College Park, Maryland (right outside Washington DC), Newark, New Jersey (near NYC), and now in Pennsylvania with my family."


man smiling wearing dark pink shirt
mahfuzul khondaker (he/his)

Professor of Criminal Justice

Race/Ethnicity: South Asian

Message to students: "Never feel alone. Together we are strong."


woman smiling wearing necklace and black shirt
heather hope kuruvilla (she/her)

Adjunct Instructor and Program Coordinator in Department of Art Education

Message to Students: "My door is always oepn to students looking for a place to sit and chat about anything or nothing. My educational and professional background includes museums, arts organizations, nonprofits, and law school, so if you have any questions about any of those fields, that is welcome as well!"


woman smiling wearing black and white shirt
stacy kushner (she/her)

Secretary for Mathematics Department


woman smiling wearing purple shirt with white cardigan
jazmine lord (she/her)

Graduate Assistant for the Health & Wellness Center

Race/Ethnicity: Black

Additional Campus Affiliations: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student

Message to Students: "I know that it can be tough in a new place with new people where you look around and feel like an outsider. I am passionate about mental health in my community, and I advocate for the normalization of that tour conversation. If you ever need a listening ear or a mentor of sorts, I am always available and my door in the health center is always open. You deserve to be here too!"


man smiling wearing suit and tie
bernard mccree

Director of Financial Aid Services

Additional Campus Affiliations: Achievement Initiative for Male Success (AIMS); Mentor to Men's Basketball Team; work with PROFS students and students who have been involved with STARS

Message to students: "My door is always open to our students. It is my hope to be a resource to our students in every way possible."


woman smiling wearing glasses
angelica mishra (she/her)

Assistant to Chief Diversity Officer and Office Manager for Multicultural Center

Race/Ethnicity: Indian and White

Message to students: "Visit us anytime at the Multicultural Center! We are here to support you. Your voice matters! Take things day by day, surround yourself with a great network of people, and enjoy learning as much as you can. Take the time to explore your own identity and experience as well as those of your peers. We want to help make your KU experience as amazing as possible."


man smiling wearing suit and tie
giovanni negron-garcia

Student & Leadership Graduate Assistant at Multicultural Center and PASSHE DEI Graduate Research Assistant

Message to students: "Your voice and presence has power on a college campus. College is time for you to explore and transform into the best version of yourself. Do not rush the journey and enjoy every moment that you can. Continue being golden!"


woman smiling wearing black shirt
alyssa oakley, LSW, MSW (she/her)

Coordinator for Student Success & First-Year Experience in the Center for Student Success & Academic Excellence

Race/Ethnicity: Black and White

Message to students: "I am a two-time graduate of Kutztown University and have a background as a former student athlete. Drawing upon my own experiences, I am committed to providing academic assistance to students. If you find yourself unsure of where to begin, visit me in Rohrbach Library 11. Together, we can develop a personalized plan to ensure your academic success! I look forward to meeting you. :)"


woman smiling wearing blue and tan shirt
amber jean-marie pabon, phd (she/her)

Associate Professor of Secondary Education and Director of Frederick Douglass Institute

Race/Ethnicity: Black and also a Francophone

Additional Campus Affiliations: Emerging Educators of Color, Student Success

Message to students: "Students, you are important, valued, and loved. I strongly believe gaining knowledge of self; including understanding our identities, histories, contributions, and legacies is an important part of your experience. I am here to support students interested in exploring more about social inequality, race/racism, gender dynamics/politics, and how to navigate these challenges on campus and in the world with mindfulness. Please feel free to reach out."


woman smiling wearing gray shirt
alexis peoples (she/her)

Application Developer in Information Technology

Message to students: "Use your resources and ask for help when you need it!"


woman smiling wearing black shirt
christine b. price (she/her)

Director for Women's Center and Director for LGBTQ+ Resource Center

Additional Campus Affiliations: Advisor to ALLIES, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA), KU It's on Us student chapter, Friends of Rachel, and Climbing Club

Message to students: "My door is always open. We're here for YOU."


woman smiling wearing gray shirt
melinda quiñones-arias (she/her)

Director of Multicultural Services and Center

Additional Campus Affiliations: Founder & Mentor to SISTERs; Diversity Council Advisor; Commission on Human Diversity; KU Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) Committee Member; Pennsylvania State Athletics Commission DEIJ Committee Member, and other university collaborations

Message to students: "Everyone is always welcome at the Multicultural Center. I am a firm believer that representation matters. As a Latina/x/e (Puerto Rican), Woman of Color, Mentor, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Student, and Friend, First Generation, I strive to uplift, support, and make changes when and where possible. My favorite quote is from Maya Angelou:

'I've learned that people will forget what you said

People will forget what you did

But people will never forget how you made them feel.'

My door is always open."


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dr. thomas N. robinson iii

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Additional Campus Affiliations: Delegate, KU-APSCUF Union

Message to Students: "I teach Psychology of the Black Experience, Intro to Multicultural Studies, Psychology of Race & Racism (coming in approx. 2025), as well as several developmental psychology and senior seminar in psychology courses. I conduct research in areas that examine the potential role that cognitive and psychosocial processes, cultural, ethnic and racial identity, as well as race, racism, gender, and sexism may have on broader sociocultural and sociopolitical attitudes and interests. I also advise clinical internships (for psychology majors) and I help run and advise the academic minor 'Multicultural Studies in the United States'. This minor, which complements virtually every academic major on campus, has only two required courses: 1) Intro to Multicultural Studies; 2) either an internship or a directed research project, and 4 elective courses across the social sciences and humanities. Please email or see me (during the spring or summer semesters) if you are interested in learning more about the MCS minor."


man drinking from cup wearing orange shirt
Genaro Robles (he/him)

Assistant Director of Admissions for Hispanic/Latino Recruitment

Additional Campus Affiliations: liaison for Honors program


woman smiling wearing blue shirt
dr. lindsey runell (she/her)

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Race/Ethnicity: Black

Additional Campus Affiliations: Co-chair, Commission on the Status of Minorities


man smiling wearing gray shirt and KU hat
bilal salaam

Athletics Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Race/Ethnicity: Black/Native American

Additional Campus Affiliations: Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity in Athletics (IDEA); Black Student Union (BSU); Kutztown University Black Alumni (KUBA); Achievement Initiative for Male Success (AIMS)

Message to students: "Former professional athlete, world traveler, KU Alumnus and KU Hall of Fame inductee. My door is open to everyone and especially those of whom I represent. When they see you they see me and as the African proverb states 'If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.' Together starts with community, a commitment to unity."


picture of man wearing blue and pink shirt
andres velasquez (he/his)

Assistant Director of Admissions

Additional Campus Affiliations: Student Alliance for Learning Success and Achievement (SALSA); Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated

Message to students: "I am a PROUD alumni of Kutztown University, I co-advise SALSA, and I'm also the Alumni Advisor for Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated. In my undergrad years here at KU, I hosted many student activities promoting cultural awareness and diversity uniquely and entertainingly. I'd love to help and support any organization with planning and organizing an event on campus. LET'S make it happen!"


picture of man wearing blue shirt
Cesar velasquez, jr (he/his) 

Faculty Counselor

Message to students: "Always open to helping or supporting in any way I can!"


picture of woman wearing tan and green shirt
veronique vlaun

Honors Administrative Assistant


woman smiling in outdoor green space
mandy xu (she/her)

New Student Engagement and Support Graduate Assistant in Residence Life, Housing, and Dining

Race/Ethnicity: Eastern Asian (Chinese)

Additional Campus Affiliations: Transfer Community/Council

Message to students: "Hello, my name is Mandy Xu and I'm currently studying Student Affairs at the Graduate Level here at KU. Growing up as an Asian American in a Chinese household has allowed me to appreciate and build a bridge between two different cultures that surround me. Growing up bilingual speaking both Mandarin and English presented some challenges but now I value this skill as an opportunity to interact with others to develop more of that cultural exchange. If you are a student who may have experienced something similar, please reach out. I would love to interact and get to learn more about your journey to KU."


Please fill out this form if you are interested in having your name included in this list!