Bulk Mailing Processing

Steps When Using KU Print Center/Alphagraphics

Total process may take up to 3-4 weeks

  1. KU department sends the KU Print Center/Alphagraphics their mailing list and project details using their departmental e-mail account: printcenter@kutztown.edu.
  2. KU Print Center/Alphagraphics notifies KU department contact person of postage cost and project charges via e-mail and includes the Mail Services Office using their departmental e-mail account: mailservices@kutztown.edu.
  3. KU department contact person will enter an SAP purchase requisition to the United States Post Office using vendor number 1013251 for the postage cost only. KU Department contact person will forward all paperwork regarding postage cost to the KU Procurement department.
    KU Department contact person needs to follow the SAP release structure to ensure that all levels of authority have approved the purchase requisition.
    (The time line for SAP check processing is approximately 2 weeks until the check is cut)
  4. Accounts Payable issues a check made payable to the United States Post Office.
    Check must be forwarded to the Mail Services Office for delivery to the Kutztown Post Office.
  5. Mail Services Office will notify the KU Print Center/Alphagraphics that the check has been deposited at the Kutztown Post Office so materials can be delivered.