Building Codes

Each building on campus has a two/three character code that appears on class schedules, maps, announcements, etc. Refer to this list to find out which building belongs to which code.

Code Building
AC Human Resources Center
AD Stratton Admin. Center
AF Academic Forum
AN Old Main Annex
BC Beck Hall
BH Boehm Building
BK Beekey Building
BN Bonner Hall
BR Berks Hall
BX Boxwood House
CP Central Heating Plant
DE Dixon Hall Efficiencies
DF DeFrancesco Building
DI Dixon Hall
DT Deatrick Hall
EH Schock Education House
FH Farm House
FS Freyberger Schoolhouse
GC Graduate Center
GG2 Grounds/Garage/Warehouse
GR Grim Building
GW Golden Bear Village West
HB Honors Building
JH Johnson Hall
JW/MC J.B. White Multicultural Center
KM Admissions Center/Kemp Building
KY Keystone Hall/O'Pake Fieldhouse
LC Rickenbach Learning Center
LH Lehigh Hall
LY Lytle Hall
MM Grim Family Homestead
MN Maintenance Building
NS Student Union Building
OM Old Main
PB DeLight E. Breidegam Building
PH Poplar House
PR President's Residence
RC Recreation Center
RL Rohrbach Library
RS Risley Hall
RT Rothermel Hall
SA Schaeffer Auditorium
SC Schuylkill Hall
SH Sharadin Art Building
SO South Dining Hall
ST University Field at Andre Reed Stadium
S1 10 Golden Bear Village South
S2 20 Golden Bear Village South
S3 30 Golden Bear Village South
S4 40 Golden Bear Village South
S5 50 Golden Bear Village South
S6 60 Golden Bear Village South
S7 70 Golden Bear Village South
S8 80 Golden Bear Village South
UP University Place
WR Wells-Rapp Center for Mallet Percussion Research
WA Wiesenberger Alumni Ctr.
WC Walnut Cottage