Our Services

Our staff are outstanding undergraduate students recommended by Kutztown University faculty. They have received top grades in their courses and bring experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to learning. Tutoring helps students to improve course content knowledge and study strategies and is designed to support the individual learning goals of our students.

Tutoring for the spring 2024 semester starts Monday, January 29

Students sitting at a table on Rohrbach Library
  • Peer Tutoring

    Peer Tutoring is a free service for undergraduate students at Kutztown University.  Tutors are available for most 100 and 200 level courses and some upper-level courses. Tutoring Services attempts to find tutors for all classes that have tutoring requests; however,  it is not guaranteed that tutors will be available for your requested course. 

    Peer tutors are students like you, who have taken the course before or who have taken more advanced courses in your subject area and are trained to help you learn the course material. They will meet with you either 2 or 3 hours a week in the Rohrbach Library.

  • Academic Peer Mentor (APM)

    An Academic Peer Mentor (APM) is a knowledgeable student who has a general understanding of Kutztown University's processes, academics, and resources to enhance students' academic experience. APM's provide academic services to undergraduate peers and useful if you would like to discuss your holistic learning approach rather than one specific course. 

    An Academic Peer Mentor (APM) is a trained undergraduate student who offers academic readiness assistance like time management and academic organizational skills.  For example, rather than helping understand math homework, an APM might help you plan time to do homework, connect with a math tutor or lab, and suggest testing strategies for success on an upcoming math exam.

  • Student Course Assistant

    Student Course Assistants facilitate student learning and help students better understand concepts or applications of course content. The Student Course Assistant attends course meetings and provides weekly small group sessions covering the course content.

    The Student Course Assistants support students and assists them in gaining effective study skills and maximizing their potential for their academic success. While attending the course, the Student Course Assistants gather insight into the course content and the instruction methods in use. The Student Course Assistants also maintain ongoing contact with Tutoring Services and Student Success Center.

  • Drop-In Tutoring Labs

    Tutoring Services offers Math, Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, POL PHI and STEM peer drop-in tutoring labs.  Tutoring Labs are located in the Tutoring Services Office in Rohrbach Library Room 26. If you have any questions please contact us at tutor@kutztown.edu