Student Success Center

Avalanche visiting the Career Development Center
Summer is a GREAT time to Gain Experience

Part-time jobs, internships and volunteer work that is related to your career goal will help you solidify what you want to do and build a strong resume.  Need help?  Meet with a Career Coach by scheduling through Handshake.

Student Success Meetings

The Student Success Team is available to assist students with academic success strategies such as time management, test-taking and test anxiety, note-taking and textbook reading, especially in an online environment. Click here to book an appointment or contact us at  

Success Academy

Success Academy is a program designed to support your success and allow you to ROAR your loudest freshman year.  Based on your high school grades and test scores, you would benefit from our Success Academy program that assists you in your transition into college and provides academic support going into your freshman year. 

Students who attend the Success Academy will be able to:

  • identify campus resources to support the transition from high school to college
  • understand growth and fixed mindset and how this impacts college success
  • recognize study skills needed for college-level work
  • name personal motivation factors and challenges related to college success
  • identify academic and career resources available at KU

    There is no cost associated with this program.  Space in this program is limited to the first 150 students on a first-come, first-served basis until filled.  Submit your Advance Registration Deposit (ARD) and Success Academy registration form to secure your place in this program.

The Success Academy takes place on August 25-27, 2021; a few days before the start of the fall semester.  Click Here to Register for the Success Academy.   If you have any questions, please contact 610-683-4007 or email 


KU Succeed is an academic recovery program for students no longer in good academic standing (Academic Warning or Probation). The program is designed to help students return to good academic standing by providing a framework for academic success. This framework includes skill-building seminars, mentoring, and educational and personal advising.

The KU Succeed program strives to increase the retention and graduation rate of participating students by focusing on individual student needs and offering academic support, specialized advising and other related services. KU Succeed seeks to provide academic services and guidance to support skills and attitudes that have been proven beneficial to students in their pursuit of excellence at KU.

Click Here to Register for KU SucceedIf you have any questions, please contact R. Chad Brown, Assistant Director for Retention & Student Success at