The KU-District Partnership English Language Learner (ELL) Conference is held annually every spring at Kutztown University. This conference features panels, workshops, and presentations from keynote speakers, faculty and students focused on the needs of English language learners and bilingual education. The ELL Conference is open to all and registration is free. 

2023 3rd Annual ELL Conference

Theme: Creating a Culturally Sustaining Environment Through Collaboration of Community and Schools

  • Saturday, April 29, 2023, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Boehm Building, Kutztown University
  • Featuring keynote speaker Tatyana Kleyn, Ed.D.

Receive up to six Act 48 hours for attending. Request Act 48 forms via the registration link.

For further information, please contact conference and ESL program coordinator Dr. Brenda Muzeta at muzeta@kutztown.edu.

flyer for 2023 ELL conference


Previous Conferences:

2022 2nd Annual ELL Conference: Honoring the Lived Experiences of English Learners

  • April 30, 2022, Kutztown University
  • Featured guest keynote speakers Andrea G. Kolb, Ph.D., and Kathryn Accurso, Ph.D.
  • Conference Sessions

    Speaker Presentations:

    • Culturally Responsive Teaching: From Concept to Classroom Practice, Andrea G. Kolb
    • Literacy Center Reflections: Benefits to the Teacher Preparedness of (English) Student Teachers, Patricia Pytleski 
    • Panel Discussion with Teachers of ELs, Chris Weiler & Brenda Muzeta
    • Sharing knowledge of the different barriers of Migrant/EL students with
      the future teachers, Lees Chevere
    • Visual Art Encounters & English Language Learners, Julia L. Hovanec
    • Meeting the Needs of Newcomer English Learners, Kathleen Gill & Lisa Grietzer
    • “What does this mean?” Questioning the Language of Whiteness, Jane Ammon & Amanda Holbrook 
    • Experiencing School as an ESL Student (and How Teachers Can Help), Jen Clinton
    • ESL Certification: Why You Should Get Certified, Carissa Pokorny-Golden & Jessica Reynolds
    • REAL Talk: Race, Education, and Language in 2022, Kathryn Accurso

    Poster Presentations:

    • Exploring the Influence of an Education Abroad Experience on Teacher’s Experiences with English Language Learners, Kim Justeson
    • Subversion Not Submersion: Supporting Teachers of ELs to Develop Dispositions to Challenge Status Quo ESL Pedagogies, Chris Weiler
    • Analysis, Examination, and Interpretation of Policies Impacting English Learners (ELs), Brenda Muzeta, Victoria-Lynne Chiu, Bethany Sherman
    • Belonging and Banding Together: Perspectives and Insights of Newly Recruited ELL Musicians, Ed Luckey
    • Blinded by Whiteness: Middle-Class White Teachers’ Explorations of Identity and Deficit Discourse at the Intersection of Race, Class, and Perceived Ability, Tracy Driehaus

2021 1st Annual ELL Conference

  • May 29, 2021, Kutztown University
  • Featured guest keynote speaker Tatyana Kleyn, Ed.D.
  • Conference Sessions

    Speaker Presentations:

    • Immigration and Education Under the Biden Administration: What’s New? What Now?, Tatyana Kleyn
    • Addressing the Advanced Chinese ELs Through CLT, Sarah Rawls
    • Linguistic Capital: Building a Bi/Multilingual Community, Nadia Thalassinos & Amanda Bressack
    • Student Produced Audio Narratives: An Inclusive Pedagogy, George Sirrakos
    • Students Diverse Education Experiences,Challenges, and Successes: Tales from All Perspectives in Public Schools, Deborah Johnson
    • ESL Certification for Content Teachers: Why You Should Get Certified, Carissa Pokorny-Golden & Kara Leibensperger
    • Transition to Bilingualism: The Case for Heritage Language Maintenance in the ESL Curriculum, Christine Coleman Núñez
    • Meeting the Needs of Newcomer English Learners, Kathleen Gill
    • Through Kenyan Eyes: The Story Behind the Series, Sharon Maida
    • Sharing Knowledge of Different Barriers Migrant/EL Students Face with Future Teachers, Lees Chevere
    • Evaluating and Establishing Global Relationships for Pre-service Teachers in Rural Students in
      Alaska, Kristen Bazely
    • Using Ekphrasis as a Tool to Enhance and Support Emergent Bilinguals, Julia L. Hovanec
    • Inspiring the Reluctant Teacher, Jen Clinton
    • Kutztown University's ESL Minor Program, Madison Szczecina
    • A Year in Perspective: Reflecting on Pandemic Practice and Collaborating for the Future, Christopher Thomas
    • Tools for Treacherous Times: Teaching Social Justice in the ESL Classroom, Kenza Glass
    • Essential ESL Education for ELA Teacher Preparedness, Patricia D. Pytleski