Dr. Amber Pabon

Director of the Frederick Douglass Institute and Emerging Educators of Color

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Associate Professor
Secondary Education
Beekey 232

About Dr. Pabon:

Dr. Amber Jean-Marie Pabon is an alum of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociocultural anthropology. She earned her Master’s in English Education from City University New York (CUNY), Brooklyn. Dr. Pabon began her career teaching secondary social studies, reading, and English Language Arts in Brooklyn, New York, with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). After additional professional development at Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, she continued working with the NYCDOE in the role of literacy staff developer at her school, supporting a staff of more than 70 teachers. After nearly a decade in public education, Amber pursued and earned her doctorate in urban education from the CUNY Graduate Center. Her dissertation, “Schooled Out: Black male teachers' experiences schooling in, teaching and leaving New York City Public Schools," focuses on the challenges of institutionalized raced and gendered oppression in the lives of black male urban school educators.

Dr. Pabon began her role as an assistant professor in the College of Education's Secondary Education Department at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2017. As a faculty member, she has taught over 11 courses both in-person and online. She is the chair of the College of Education’s Recruitment and Retention Committee and the coordinator of the Master’s in Secondary Education with Initial Certification program.

In addition to her commitment and efforts in strengthening and diversifying teacher education in the College of Education, Dr. Pabon continues developing her qualitative research strands on the lives and histories of black teachers, as well as socially just ontologies and practices in teacher preparation. She has published in The Multidisciplinary Journal of Education Research, The Journal of Negro Education, Equity, Excellence and Education, Urban Education and Education Studies. Dr. Pabon has also presented her research at several major conferences, including the International Conference on Urban Education, the National Council on Black Studies, the National Council of Teachers of English, the American Educational Research Association and the World Education Research Association.

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    • EDU 100
    • EDU/MLS 428
    • EDU 436
    • EDU 496
    • EDU 500
    • EDU 528
    • EDU 541
    • EDU 597
    • SEU 592
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    • EDD 720