Marine Science Alumni

See where Marine Science can take you!

With 71% of the Earth's surface covered by the ocean, careers in marine science are diverse with great opportunities to travel and see the world. KU Marine Science graduates have pursued careers and graduate school across the country and in locations worldwide.

    Recent Graduate School Placement:

    • Old Dominion University
    • Montana State University
    • Memorial University of Newfoundland
    • University of Southern Mississippi
    • College of Charleston
    • NOVA Southeastern University
    • University of Delaware
    • University of South Carolina
    • University of Mississippi
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Duke University
    • Shippensburg University
    • University of Rhode Island
    • Florida Atlantic University

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      Current Jobs:

    • Director of Client Services, Analytical Biological Services, Inc., Wilmington, DE 
    • Collection Diver and Animal Transport Specialist, Dynasty Marine Associates Inc.
    • Ocean Technical Services Manager, BIOS-Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
    • Biologist I, Adventure Aquarium
    • STCRP Senior Biologist, Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium
    • Residential Summer Camp Naturalist, Camp SEA lab in Monterey, CA
    • Fisheries Observer, A.I.S. Observers, Inc.
    • Senior Marine Life and Environmental Educator, Clearwater Aquarium, FL
    • Construction Environmental Administrator, Florida Department of Transportation
    • PADI Divemaster, Nova Southeastern University
    • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    • Assistant Regional Administrator for Habitat Conservation, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, Hawaii


    Here's what a few KU marine science alumni are doing now.

    Sarah Moriarty, Class of 2017, Marine Science/Oceanography and Geology

    Graduate Student, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada 

    In late April 2019, Sarah Moriarty ate Reese’s cups at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, 2500 meters below sea level! She completed a deep ocean dive in the Alvin Submarine operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Sarah is studying hydrothermal vents on the East Pacific Rise for her Master’s Degree in earth sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland. 

    Gerry Davis, Class of 1980, Marine Science

    Assistant Regional Administrator for Habitat Conservation at the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA Pacific Islands Regional Office, Honolulu, Hawaii 

    [CBFS/MCS] classes were quite integral in my career development.  After KU, I got a job with the PA Fish Commission.  After a year, I then went to Guam to get an advanced degree in Marine Science that led me to run the Government of Guam's natural resource agency for 23 years.  I left Guam in 2004 and took a job in Hawaii with NOAA/NMFS running their Habitat Conservation Program.  

    After 35+ years of working on Marine Science issues, it is easy for me to look back and recognize that KU provided me with a great foundation and opportunities.  The field station was an important part of providing the complete package.

    Alexis Fleming, Class of 2014, Marine Science/Biology

    Biologist I, Adventure Aquarium, Camden, New Jersey 

    Alexis is completing her 4th year at Adventure Aquarium. As a Biologist I, she is responsible for the care of several different exhibits housing fresh and saltwater fish, she cultivates live food including brine shrimp and algae, dives with several varieties of sharks, and was recently in FL removing invasive lionfish from the reef.  Behind the scenes, she is raising clownfish from eggs laid in the exhibit tanks. 

    Nick Mathews, Class of 2013, Marine Science/Oceanography

    BIOS Oceanographic Technical Services Manager, Bermuda

    After graduating from Kutztown in 2013, I spent six months at sea, sailing from Hawaii to New Zealand, on various vessels as a MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) intern. MATE internships focus on technology and scientific support of marine research rather than the academic research. Interns work as marine technicians aboard sea-going research vessels that are part of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System. Following my internship, I was offered my first job on the research vessel Knorr at WHOI. When that ship was retired in 2014, I used my connections from my internship to ask about jobs at BIOS. (From Currents, BIOS newsletter, July 2018)

    Melissa Bernhard, Class of 2012, Marine Science/Biology 

    Masters of Science in Marine Biology, University of Charleston

    Senior Biologist, Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, Sarasota, Florida

    I work as a Senior Biologist in the Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program at Mote. I manage sea turtle conservation over 35 miles of nesting beach on the west/gulf coast of Florida. I am responsible for overseeing the morning surveys of sea turtle nesting activities conducted by myself and my staff, college interns, and volunteers conducted under Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Marine Turtle Permits. I am also responsible for maintaining our database and the dataset containing 37+ years of data from these nesting surveys.

    Eric Wink, Class of 2013, Marine Science/Oceanography 

    Collection Diver and Animal Transport Specialist, Dynasty Marine Associates Inc., Marathon, FL

    Eric combined his marine science education, research experience, technical know-how, SCUBA diving, and passion for marine animals to land his dream job in Florida. Originally from rural PA, Eric now travels across the US and the world safely transporting marine organisms to private and public aquariums, research institutions, and pet stores.  

    Heidi Williams, Class of 2001, Marine Science/Biology

    Masters of Science in Marine Biology, College of Charleston

    Director of Client Services, Analytical Biological Services, Inc., Wilmington, DE 

    Following graduation Heidi gained experience as research assistant in Dr. Wursig’s laboratory at Texas A&M working on photo-identification of New Zealand dusky dolphins and then on cetacean distribution, ecology and behavioral studies in Nova Scotia.  She then added teaching experience as a Pre-College Instructor at CBFS (formerly the Marine Science Consortium) in Wallops Island, VA.  All of these experiences led her to the College of Charleston where she spent the next four years earning her MS in Marine Biology.  In 2008 Heidi moved back to Delaware and began working at Analytical Biological Services, Inc. as a Project Manager, ultimately moving into the position as the Director of Client Services at ABS.  

    Beth Brady, Class of 2001, Marine Science/Biology

    Ph.D. candidate, Florida Atlantic University

    Beth volunteered with multiple marine mammal and wildlife organizations before discovering her love of manatees through an extended internship at Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC). Following that internship, she completed her Master’s at Nova Southeastern University where she first became involved in studying underwater sound (acoustics).  Beth is currently a Ph.D. candidate at FAU studying the vocalizations of manatees.  She is also the President of the nonprofit Sirenian International.

    Sarah climbing into the submersible Alvin

    Sarah Moriarty climbs into the Alvin submersible ready to begin her first deep ocean dive! Photo credit: Dr. John W. Jamieson

    Gerry with a large wahoo fish on a boat off Hawaii

    Gerry Davis displays his recent wahoo catch off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

    Alexis holding a large blue lobster

    Alexis Fleming moves a large blue lobster to her display tank at Adventure Aquarium

    Nick on the deck of a boat demonstrating how to deploy oceanographic equipment

    Nick Mathews (left), gives instructions to crew and scientists on the deck of the R/V Atlantic Explorer during the deployment of oceanographic equipment (From Currents, July 2018)

    Melissa on the beach next to a marked sea turtle nest

    Melissa Bernard poses next to a marked sea turtle nest along one stretch of the 35 miles of FL beach she is responsible for!

    Eric Wink scuba diving in Florida

    Eric Wink dives on a wreck in Florida.

    Head shot of a woman

    Heidi Williams, Class of 2001

    Head shot of a woman outside

    Beth Brady, Class of 2001