Marine Science at Kutztown

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” - Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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Now, as a Biologist at the Mote Marine Laboratory, I still use many of the skills I learned from my experiences at CBFS and KU. The integrated program and emphasis on research and real experiences were not only what drew me to the marine science program and Kutztown University but were also what have allowed me to be successful working in my field. I am proud of my degree and hope that future generations of students can continue to enjoy and learn their education in the same way I did.

Melissa Bernhard, Class of 2012

Marine Biology Beach Cleanup

Community involvement and outreach

Undergraduate Research

Presenting research at a professional science conference

Sorting through the catch

Hands-on and feet wet!


Hands-on experience!

Measuring our catch

It was this big!

Dr. Wendy Ryan

Marine Biologist

Dr. Adrienne Oakley

Marine Geologist

Introduction to Oceanography

Wallops Island Beach, NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Cutting Sediment Cores

Coastal Marine Geology Research

Trawling for Benthic Organisms

Hands-on experience!

Marine Geology at the CBFS

Better than the classroom!

Water Quality Measurements

Another floating classroom!

Netting Critters on the Shore

Marine biology in action!

The Lab at CBFS

A whole world in a drop of water.

Greenbackville, VA

Experiencing coastal flooding!

Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve

Experiencing coastal erosion!

Swan Cove Pool, CNWR

Studying the movement of barrier islands!

Chincoteague Bay Field Station

Hands-on, feet-wet education at its best!

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marine biology students with bags of trash at the beach
Students in front of posters at national meeting
Students sorting through the net after a trawl
Alex holding a shark
Louie with a striped fish
Wendy with a pufferfish
Adrienne with the total station on the beach
Oceanography class on the Wallops Island beach
Students cutting cores in the lab
Trawling off the monitor boat
Students on a boat in the bay under blue skys
Students on kayaks with equipment
Students with nets on the shore
Students with microscopes in the lab
Student walking through a flooded street
Student in the distance walking along an eroding shoreline with dunes
People standing in a salt marsh holding metal tubes
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