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Studying another language is an exciting and rewarding experience, not to mention a career path that leads to many opportunities in today's global marketplace.


As a Modern Language major you will learn and use cross-cultural communication skills, develop a deeper appreciation for people from different cultures, experience the artistic, literary, socio-political and historical contributions of the culture, improve skills in your native language, and understand more fully your place and your native culture’s place on a global scale. A Modern Language major is ideal for students who wish to pursue entrance into graduate programs and/or careers in a variety of settings including business, banking, social services, government and international organizations. Employers recommend one or more internships to be successful and competitive when entering this field. Building a strong resume for your career field starts long before you ever start your job search. 

Skills associated with the Modern Languages major

  • Proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking
  • Good listening, clarifying, questioning, and responding skills
  • Ability to conduct and explain research results
  • Ability read analytically
  • Ability to make observations and appropriate decisions
  • Ability to concentrate for long periods of time
  • Ability to adjust to quickly adjust to new environments
  • Proficiency in phonetics and ability to imitate sounds

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Based on the growth of the Hispanic population and the increase of Spanish-speakers world-wide, bilingual English/Spanish ability and cross-cultural understanding are valued assets in all fields, but especially so within the business world, health care fields, government, education, social work, and law enforcement.

To view information on prospective careers, click on the link provided below:

What Can I Do With a Major in Modern Language Studies?