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German Communication & Culture


Long the language of some of the world’s greatest minds—philosophers, scientists, authors—German has become the language of business throughout the European Union and is among the most commonly used language in the world today. Germany has the largest economy in the European Union (EU) and the fourth largest in the world. Many doors are opened by learning this language of commerce, business and literature. And because it exists on the same branch of the linguistic family tree as English, German is easier to learn than some other languages.

Bilingual ability and cross-cultural understanding are valued assets in all fields. Employers large and small regularly seek out German-speaking employees. Double majoring or minoring in German and another discipline will make you particularly attractive to employers. For example, if you combine German with marketing or journalism you’ll be a preferred candidate for positions in, radio and television, advertising and public relations. Likewise, you’ll have nearly unlimited career opportunities by combining German with a major or minor in any science, business, education, geography, sociology, or political science. 

Minor Programs

German Communication and Culture and Pennsylvania German Studies are related minors. Students from other areas of study can fulfill this minor by completing 18 semester hours in courses such as Intermediate German, German Composition and Conversation, or Introduction to PA German Studies, and Introduction to Pennsylvania German Language.


The Bachelor of Arts in German: Communication & Culture, and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/German programs will no longer be accepting new students as of fall 2024.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • German (BA)
    1. Students will demonstrate oral proficiency in German.
    2. Students will demonstrate writing proficiency in German.
    3. Students will describe and analyze the products, practices, and perspectives of the cultures of the German-speaking world.

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