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Bring your creative vision to life with our all-in-one film, television and media production major from Kutztown University. This Bachelor of Science degree has allowed students to work at Aurora Films, Triode Media Group and even with The Philadelphia Eagles.

Whether you become a director, camera operator or screenwriter, our film major is the first step to landing your dream job.

Why Choose KU for an all-in-one Film major

If you’re looking for the best film major in Pennsylvania, Kutztown University is the perfect place to flex your creative muscles. Why? Because we believe in learning by doing and offer an all-in-one bachelor's degree in film, television and media production.

From day one, you get access to high-quality film equipment, post-production tools and even an on-campus professional television studio. Along with an immersive college experience, here are three more reasons why students choose KU for this film major:

  • Affordable with financial aid options
  • Convenient location to work and home
  • Beautiful campus to draw creative inspiration
Kutztown University film major capturing sporting event on football field.

Kutztown University film major capturing a live sporting event at Andre Reed Stadium.

Film Major Degree Highlights

Take your creative skills to the next level and get real film, tv and media production experience with award-winning professors at Kutztown University.

Program Highlights:

  • Rent and utilize cameras, microphones and other professional film equipment
  • Analyze aesthetic and thematic elements in classic and modern films
  • Collaborate with classmates to film commercials, feature-length films, sports broadcasts and documentaries
  • Study sound design and use foley techniques to create your own audio
  • Learn to use Adobe Creative Cloud and DaVinci Resolve editing software
  • Get direct support and creative guidance from experienced faculty members

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Cinema, Media, and Television Production (BS)

    1. CTM students should understand current business practices and their development in the Cinema, Television and Media Production industry.

    2. CTM students should be able to write quality content that could be produced for various media platforms.

    3. CTM students should be able to produce a completed work for exhibition and distribution.

    4. CTM Students should demonstrate proficiency in CTM technical processes


Quotation Mark

My experience at Kutztown University was nothing short of life-changing. Working directly with industry-standard equipment and having knowledgeable professors had the biggest impact on my experience. The professors are the department's heart and soul; with their everlasting support and encouragement, they cultivated an environment that allowed me to become a successful individual in the film and television industry.

Kaitlyn Todd '24, Camera Operator, ubiFire Video Production

Career Outcomes

Top Internship Locations for KU Students

NFL Films

TC Shadowlight

Triode Media Group

ASR Media Production

NBC Sports Philadelphia

ubiFire Video Production

Reading Royals

Reda Films

Glass Entertainment Group

Top Job Placements for KU Graduates

ubiFire Video Production

In the Wee Hours

Triode Media Group

TC Shadowlight

Make Films

NBC Sports Philadelphia

Reading Royals

ASR Media Production

Aurora Films

Film Major FAQ