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Lights, camera, action!

Cinema, Television and Media Production is one of the largest departments in the College of Visual in Performing Arts. The Bachelor of Science program in Cinema, Television and Media Production helps students develop the technical and creative skills to tell stories and translate their vision to the screen. With an emphasis on cinema, television and emerging media, our program promotes visual storytelling in a variety of media outlets that captivate audiences with effective and engaging content.

Full auditorium of people, sitting in the dark and watching a video on the projector screen onstage.

In the first year, students begin crafting their own digital stories in our large multi-set television studio as well as going on location with our latest equipment and technology. Students gain a deeper understanding of media aesthetics and production techniques through coursework in film, television, and media history, literacy, analysis, theory, and ethics. Our students also learn how to grab an audience's attention through writing and directing, shot composition and lighting, sound design, and editing for character development and story.

Performing arts students shooting a scene, with one behind the camera and two crouching with fog machines.

State-of-the-art Equipment & Facilities

The Department of Cinema, Television, and Media Production maintain a large selection of state-of-the-art equipment, including multiple Mac labs running Adobe Creative Suite and Davinci Resolve, a recently renovated control room, studio with a lighting grid containing both tungsten and LED lights, a mobile production truck, digital cinema cameras, 4K documentary and 6K cinema cameras.

Our Students

Our experienced faculty assists students in translating their ideas into reality, producing both small-scale and large-scale productions in essentially all genres over the course of the program. Our state-of-the-art remote production trailer offers students the opportunity to produce live events such as sporting events, musical performances and other on-location events on KUTV. Students can also take part in a number of clubs that create original news and entertainment programming.

  • Laugh Track

    Laugh Track students meet weekly to plan and produce short video comedy sketches in a variety of styles. Requiring no prior experience, students interested in writing, producing, or editing humorous content have a place to hone their skills in the comedic arts.

    Advisor: Dr. Matthew McKeague

  • Mic Check

    Mic Check features local bands performing songs live. Shot during the weekends because of how rocking the studio becomes, bands play a number of their songs and share their experiences and insights through interview segments.

    Advisor: Prof. Cara Cotellese

  • National Broadcasting Society (NBS)

    The National Broadcasting Society Chapter at Kutztown provides students an opportunity to meet professionals in the broadcasting field in the areas of entertainment and news. Guest speakers and seminars are regularly scheduled for members, providing opportunities for networking and mentorship. 

    Advisor: Prof. Cara Cotellese

  • Spotlite

    Spotlite is an entertaining news program featuring interviews and segments for the Kutztown campus. Previous segments on the show have included film reviews, campus events, and man-on-the-street interviews. 

    Advisor: Prof. Scott Bastedo

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