TV Studio & Control Room

Studio Equipment Includes:

  • 3 Hitachi Z-5000 Triax HD Cameras
  • 3 QTV LCD Teleprompters
  • 2 AJA Recorders
  • Ross Xpressions Graphics System
  • Mackie 24-8 Audio Mixer
  • JBL Audio monitors
  • Ross Carbonite SDI/HD Video Switcher
Female student operating a camera in the KU tv studio, with a male student wearing headphones in the background

The department's television studio features three sets and is regularly used for classes as well as KU-TV's Spotlite, Mic Check, and Between the Lines, a newly created sports program, as well as other productions as needed. The studio and its control room serve as a lab for students in Fundamentals of Studio Production class and Studio Production Practicum.

Our lighting grid contains both traditional tungsten lights, as well as state-of-the-art LED light panels and vari-color ARRI fresnel lamps. Along with our additions to the lighting grid, the department has also recently renovated the control room, complete with new equipment, an ADA compliant elevator, and a fresh coat of paint.

Small band standing on stage and setting up for a performance in the tv studio control room, surrounded by KU tv camera crew